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The holidays are a time for fun, relaxation, and often, swimming. Whether you’re planning a trip to a beach resort, a day at the local pool, or have your own pool at home, ensuring your children are prepared for the water is crucial for their safety and enjoyment. Here are ten essential tips to prepare your children for the pool on holidays:

1. Swimming Lessons

Start with swimming lessons well before your holiday. Professional lessons build confidence and teach essential skills, such as floating, treading water, and basic strokes according to MJ Swim Academy.

2. Water Safety Education

Teach your children about water safety. Explain the importance of walking (not running) near the pool, not pushing others into the water, and understanding pool rules.

3. Supervision

Always supervise your children when they are in or around water, regardless of their swimming abilities. Drowning can happen quickly and silently, so stay vigilant.

4. Use of Floatation Devices

For younger children or those who are not strong swimmers, consider using flotation devices. Make sure they are age and weight-appropriate and used under supervision.

5. Sun Protection

Apply waterproof sunscreen generously and frequently, at least every two hours. Consider UV-protective swimwear and hats to protect your child’s skin from harmful rays.

6. Hydration and Snacks

Ensure your children stay hydrated, especially on hot days. Encourage them to take breaks from the water to drink water and eat light snacks.

7. Pool Rules and Etiquette

Before diving in, discuss the pool’s rules and etiquette with your children. This includes not running around the pool, sharing toys, and being mindful of other swimmers.

8. Emergency Preparedness

Teach your children what to do in case of an emergency. Make sure they know how to get help and understand the importance of not panicking.

9. Proper Swimwear

Choose comfortable, properly fitting swimwear for your children. Ill-fitting swimwear can be a distraction and may even pose a safety risk.

10. Fun and Games

Introduce pool games and activities that encourage your children to use their swimming skills. Games like “Marco Polo” or treasure hunts can make swimming fun and engaging.


Preparing your children for the pool involves more than just packing their swimsuits and towels. By following these tips, you can ensure they have a safe and enjoyable time in the water. Remember, the key to a successful holiday pool experience is supervision, education, and fun. So, dive in and make those holiday pool days unforgettable for your children!