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Planning for a family day out that can keep the kids entertained throughout, is not easy. Thankfully, Warwickshire is blessed with lots of family-friendly attractions that can keep both adult and kids entertained.

Warwickshire has plenty of historical attractions including medieval castles that are surrounded by jaw-dropping views. If you’re a fan of William Shakespeare, then make sure you visit his birthplace at Stratford-upon-Avon. A visit to the Twycross Zoo and British Motor Museum is a must for curious kids who want to discover and learn a lot of new things. For more about these, check out these four Great Days Out in Warwickshire.

  1. Visit Shakespeare’s Home

Stratford-upon-Avon is a town in Warwickshire that’s known as the birthplace of William Shakespeare. He spent much of his childhood at this town and studied in the town’s local school as well. If you and your kids are a big fan of the famous playwright, then a visit to this place is a must.

When exploring Stratford-upon-Avon, make sure you visit the Royal Shakespeare Company. It features interactive exhibitions that will allow visitors to dress-up and play the characters from Shakespeare’s most famous novels. Do check out Anne Hathaway’s Cottage as well, the home where Shakespeare’s wife spent most of her childhood years.

Other places to visit are Shakespeare’s Grave at Holy Trinity Church and Shakespeare’s New Place, where you’ll find a modern representation of Shakespeare’s life.

2. Narrowboating in Southam          

For families who love adventure, hop on a narrowboat to explore Warwickshire rivers and canals and visit the small market town of Southam. You’ll be cruising along the Grand Union and Oxford canals from north to south. The Ashby and Stratford canals are also within easy reach.

You’ll have various options for your narrow boating adventure in Southam. There are open stern canal boats that can accommodate a small family and can sleep up to four individuals. For bigger families and big groups who want to host parties while on board, there are bigger boats with spacious stern deck. These boats could sleep eight people or more.

3. Take Part in Some Educational Fun

Kids are curious by nature and taking them to places where they can learn new things is the best way to keep them entertained. So take your kids to the British Motor Museum, where they can find the world’s biggest collection of classic British cars. It’s also a great place to learn more about the history of the British Motor Industry.

The Twycross Zoo is also well worth a visit, especially for animal-loving kids. It’s where you can have a close-up encounter with the chimpanzees, gibbons, gorillas, and orangutans. There are also elephants, giraffes, and a hundred different species of birds.

4. Visit a Castle

Warwickshire has also its own fair share of castles. They are a must-visit for families of history buffs. Two of the most popular castles in the area are the Warwick Castle and Kenilworth Castle.

Constructed in 1068, the Warwick Castle is one of England’s most intact and magnificent castles. Not far from the Warwick Castle is the Kenilworth Castle, a slightly ruined but truly impressive fortress that is said to be a favourite place of Queen Elizabeth to escape.