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Planning a holiday isn’t easy and can be more difficult when bringing your pets. Thankfully, many places in the UK are now welcoming dogs on their premises. While a few are reluctant to allow dogs, many offer fun activities to delight you and your furry friends! From taking a cruise in Windermere to exploring the wildlife park of Cotswolds and the National Botanic Gardens of Pembrokeshire, here are some dog-friendly family days out in the UK.

  1. Windermere Cruises in the Lake District

The Lake District in Cumbria is one of the most dog-friendly destinations in the UK, a paradise for nature lovers and avid walkers. While hiking is the top thing to do in the Lake District with your dog, a more enjoyable activity is taking a cruise on Lake Windermere. You will find a variety of cruises on offer, and they all allow dogs on the boat. You can take the short return trips for about 45 minutes or opt for open-ended passes, allowing you to take hikes by the lake between stops.

Dogs must be on a leash while on the cruise, and pet owners must ensure they stay well-behaved during the journey. There are no restrictions on the cabin, so you can take them inside with you, although the best spot is on the deck, where you can soak up the views and enjoy the fresh air. 

Aside from cruising Lake Windermere, you can try many other activities in the Lake District with your dogs. Visit some of the quieter areas in the region, which offer a different experience, either in the quaint countryside or discover hidden gems and soak up the serenity of the surrounding.

  1. Hiking in the Yorkshire Dales

For the list of dog-friendly family days out in the UK, the Yorkshire Dales deserves to be in the top spot. It boasts some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the UK, from an underground labyrinth of caves to expansive heather moorlands. It’s the perfect spot to take scenic hikes with your four-legged friends and explore the great outdoors.

Ilkley Moor is where you can enjoy the most stunning walks in the Yorkshire Dales. Take the 6.3-mile circular trail starting in the town centre at West View Park before joining the Dales Way Link to get to the top of the moor, where you can rest with your dog and soak up the majestic views of rolling moorlands. After a brief break, continue your hike until you reach some of the region’s famous landmarks, including the Twelve Apostles and Ilkley Crags.

Book a stay at a dog-friendly cottage in the Yorkshire Dales, a perfect place to rest after your hike. There are also dog-friendly pubs, offering an ideal setting for a post-hike sit-down with your dog.

  1. The Eden Project in Cornwall 

While Cornwall is popular with beach holidays in summer, you will find many other places to discover here with your dog. One is the Eden Project, an educational project that aims to build relationships between people and the natural world. In addition, you will find some of the best dog-friendly rental properties throughout Cornwall, offering the perfect place to stay for those taking their dogs on their Cornish holiday. 

Exploring the gorgeous outdoor gardens of the Eden Project is a fun thing to do with your pet. The gardens feature numerous plant-based exhibits with art installations, colourful borders, and play areas for your furry friends to run around.

Be sure to check out the Rainforest Biome, a vast indoor rainforest that mimics the tropical islands of Southeast Asia, South America and West Africa. Venture into the canopy walkway and soak up stunning nature views over the Biome. Travel past rubber trees and cacao and explore swathes of sugar cane and bananas. There’s also a spice market where you learn how to care for the rainforest and support those who live in the tropics.

  1. Cotswolds Wildlife Park, the Cotswolds

If you’re planning a holiday to the Cotswolds, take your pets to the Cotswolds Wildlife Park, set in a 120-acres of parkland with over 200 species of animals. The park offers plenty of spaces to run around and relax with your dogs as you discover the wildlife. 

You and your pets can have a blast at the adventure playground in the woods that interconnect with tree houses and slides linked by rope bridges. After your adventure, enjoy a relaxing stroll around the park to discover different animals, from rhinos to giraffes. It’s worth noting that some areas in the park may be off-limits to dogs, so do your research before you come for a visit.

While in the Cotswolds, don’t miss the chance to discover other areas with your pet. Stop and wander around the quintessential English villages and pubs. Consider spending the night at one of the dog-friendly cottages. 

The Castle Combe is an ideal place to explore with your dog. It offers the perfect setting to take short, relaxing strolls while stopping at dog-friendly cafes for lunch and tea. Other highlights in the Cotswolds are the Bourton-on-the-Water and Blockley.

  1. The National Botanic Gardens, Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is a fantastic destination for a dog-friendly holiday in the UK. One of the places to visit with your pet is the National Botanic Garden of Wales. And although dogs are not allowed in some areas of the garden, including the glasshouse, they have regular doggy days, where visitors are welcome to walk their dogs around the park.

Set in the stunning countryside of Carmarthenshire, the National Botanic Gardens offers an inspiring range of beautifully themed gardens and the world’s largest single-span glasshouse. It also has a national nature reserve, a meadow filled with orchids, and a spacious play area where you can play with your furry friends.

Aside from the botanic garden, you will find many other attractions in Pembrokeshire that you can visit with your pets. Check out Pembroke Castle, which offers an incredibly fascinating history. The castle welcomes visitors with dogs as long as they are well-behaved and on leads.