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Dogs are great companions to have. Not only do they relieve you from the feeling of loneliness, but there are many health benefits associated with keeping a dog as well, such as reducing stress and depression, losing weight, and enhancing one’s social life. We can attain all these benefits from our canine companions if we spend more time with them. Let’s take a look at 5 great ways to spend more time with our doggy companions.

1.      Go For a Car Ride

In case you didn’t know, many dogs enjoy car rides. This is because they get to take in new sights and smells. If you plan on travelling by road, then be sure to take your pet dog with you; keep the windows open and allow its fur to blow in the wind. Nevertheless, most bus companies allow dogs, visit JugDog for more information. However, before you decide to go on a road trip with your canine, be sure the weather is pleasant enough for your dog and you to enjoy.

2.      Go Swimming

What could be better than swimming on a hot summer day with your canine companion? Swimming is an excellent exercise for your dog because it strengthens the muscles and improves cardiovascular health. Swimming is also great for burning off extra energy. Take your dog to the beach, lake, or a communal pool that allows pets and enjoy a swim with your most loyal companion.

3.      Go Running, Jogging or Walking

We all know that walking a dog is a vital task that every dog owner needs to conduct. This task is excellent for not only your canine companion but you too; having a dog allows you to get some exercise. Therefore, take your companion on a long walk in the park, beach, or anywhere you like. You can also enjoy a gentle jog or run with your dog. Be playful and try to have a competition as to who can outrun the other, and don’t forget to treat your dog when he/she outruns you.

4.      Go to a Dog-Friendly Café

Socialising is crucial for both you and your pet. Thankfully having a pet allows you to get social with other people and their pets. Hence, why not take your dog out to a dog café? This will enable your furry companion to interact and play with other dogs, whereas you can interact with other dog owners. It’s a great way to meet new people as well. Moreover, your dog will really enjoy the savoury treats these cafes have to offer.

5.      Go Shopping

If you love shopping with your friends, then you’ll really enjoy shopping with your dog. Many shops allow for pets, which is excellent because leaving your canine companion in the car unattended during extremes of weather can be deadly. Take your furry friend into a shop and purchase some cute clothes, treats, gadgets and toys. This is a great way to keep your trusty friend happy and feel loved.