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Travel accommodations can always be a bit problematic, especially when travelling with a group of family, friends or co-workers. Whether you are on holiday or perhaps an extended stay after a professional conference, you certainly want to make the most of your stay. This is especially important when visiting a place for the very first time and when there is so much to see and do, every penny adds up!

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Serviced apartments are perfect for small groups visiting the UK and that’s why apartments found on sites like really are just that – a dream (apartment) come true. However, you may be wondering just how a serviced apartment is different from those self-catering cottages you’ve heard so much about. Let’s look at five of the major differences and you’ll understand why serviced apartments are better in every way.

1. Location
Sometimes self-catering cottages are located in remote areas of the country. In fact, they often are. Serviced apartments are typically centrally located in the heart of major cities and so they provide an ideal starting point when venturing out to see the sights. Dream Apartments, for example, offer serviced apartments in Belfast and Liverpool. Instead of travelling in from a country cottage, you can just pop out, pick up public transport, and be on your way to a great adventure!

2. Concierge
When staying in a self-catering cottage, you are pretty much on your own. You can always go out and ask the locals where to find something or even where to go in the first place, but with a concierge on duty in a serviced apartment, you never need to venture far to find the information you require.

3. Housekeeping
Then there is housekeeping to think about. Who wants to go on holiday and waste time tidying up? In a self-catering cottage, you wouldn’t have the luxury of requesting housekeeping. Those are just what they say, ‘self-catering,’ and you are pretty much on your own there as well.

4. Partnering with Local Restaurants
Another benefit of staying in a serviced apartment is the potential to dine in a city’s best restaurants and cafés. Typically, a serviced apartment will liaise with local restaurants to offer great food for their guests. You may or may not get a discount for dining there, but you can be assured you will be sampling the best food in the area, and that’s a must on holiday!

5. Assorted Amenities
Then there are all those assorted amenities you will probably require. Serviced apartments have wi-fi, internet, satellite television, and other amenities which may or may not be available at a self-catering cottage. Each property owner is responsible for offering those kinds of services but in a serviced apartment building, you will have all of those because they are part of the package deal.
Are you travelling to the UK in a group this year? If so, and if you are on a rather extended stay, consider the advantages of booking a serviced dream apartment for the ultimate convenience and enjoyment on holiday.