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Birmingham is a city rich in architecture, education, history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you’re a first-time visitor, an international student, or a person working in Birmingham, you will experience whatever you expect to in this vibrant city. Here are 5 reasons why you will fall in love with Birmingham.

Affordable and Modern Birmingham Student Accommodation

Affordability is a prime consideration when it comes to living in a city. Although the costs of accommodation in Birmingham are relatively higher than in other cities in the UK, renting a room through the rental platform is much cheaper, with all utility bills included. The average price of accommodation in Birmingham is £300 per week, while the cost of student accommodation on is about £250 per week, which is an attractive price for students. In addition, Birmingham student accommodation is designed exquisitely and beautifully, providing a unique perspective on the city’s evolution and diversity. When taking a stroll through the residential areas, you will admire the Victorian terraces, marvel at the elegant Georgian townhouses, enjoy the unparalleled charm of Edgbaston, or appreciate modern residences in the city center. For international students, it perfectly merges academic excellence and vibrant city life. That’s why Birmingham is so popular.

A World-Class Education

Birmingham has numerous prestigious universities, such as the University of Birmingham, Aston University, and Birmingham City University. These institutions offer various practical and meaningful courses in divergent fields, like business, engineering, arts, or social sciences. With so many choices in front of you, you will finally find a major that fits you well. In addition to courses, there are also plenty of cutting-edge programs that are designed to develop your skills to meet market demand. By the way, studying in Birmingham, you will gain sufficient resources in the following places: state-of-the-art libraries, multi-functional research centers, or world-class museums. For example, the Cadbury Research Library, with a unique and exquisite collection of journals, newspapers, manuscripts, and archives, is one of the world’s leading sources of scholarship, research, and innovation.

Rich History

Birmingham, with a deep and fascinating history spanning over two millennia, is a living museum where every corner tells a story. Numerous significant historical events have shaped Birmingham, such as the Industrial Revolution, during which Birmingham became known as the “Workshop of the World.” Here is a must-visit list of important historical attractions:

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Located in the city center, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery houses a vast array of artworks and historical artifacts. It is particularly noted for its collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, as well as artifacts from the Industrial Revolution.

Aston Hall

Aston Hall is a stunning Jacobean mansion that has been preserved and restored to its former glory. This Grade I listed building provides a glimpse into the life of the wealthy during the 17th century.

Sarehole Mill

Sarehole Mill, one of the only surviving working mills in Birmingham, offers insight into the rural past of the city. It also served as an inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, making it a fascinating visit for literature fans.

Vibrant Culture

Besides history, Birmingham also has a diverse, vibrant, and dynamic culture, providing infinite chances for enjoyment and exploration.

Theatre and Performance

Birmingham’s Hippodrome is synonymous with the city’s theatre community and is one of the busiest theatres in the UK. Hosting everything from West End productions to ballet and opera, it attracts millions of visitors each year.

Art and Galleries

Birmingham boasts a large number of galleries and art spaces. For example, the Ikon Gallery specializes in contemporary art, featuring works by emerging and established artists from around the world. It attracts audiences from all over the world to admire.

Festivals and Events

Besides the theatres and galleries, it is also highly recommended that you participate in some local special festivals and experience the local festival atmosphere. For example, the Birmingham International Jazz Festival brings together musicians from all over the world every July, filling the city with music and joy.

Natural Beauty

Birmingham also has many places of natural beauty, such as the Botanical Gardens and the Birmingham Canal Network.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are one of the city’s hidden gems. Located close to the city center, these gardens cover an area of approximately 15 acres. You can stroll through various themed gardens, enjoy the tranquility, or visit the glasshouses with exotic plants.

Birmingham Canal Network

The Birmingham Canal Network, often referred to as the “Venice of the North,” flows through the center of Birmingham, connecting a series of amazing attractions and historical sites. Stroll along the canal paths, and you can enjoy the scenery on both sides and feel the charm of the British countryside.


Birmingham has both charm and strength. With its unique culture, history, and style, it attracts tourists and international students from all over the world to travel, study, and work. Once you come to Birmingham, you will fall in love with it.