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When it comes to idyllic beaches with fine sand and clear blue waters, the UK isn’t usually the first destination that springs to mind. However, the British Isles have a lot to offer in terms of stunning scenic spots and natural beauty. With many holidaymakers choosing to spend their free time closer to home this year, it is no wonder that more and more people are discovering the wonderful beaches right on their doorstep. Here are 6 of the best UK beaches that are perfect for a group day out.

Most Iconic

When it comes to well-known beaches that are picture-perfect, there is no other British beach quite as recognisable as Durdle Door in Dorset. This dog-friendly beach boasts spectacular views and distinctive limestone formations, including the iconic archway. As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic Coast, Durdle Door is a must-visit site for geologists, hikers, and those who simply enjoy impressive natural landmarks. This beach can be accessed via the Durdle Door Holiday Park or from Lulworth cove.

North-West Favourite

The North-West of England plays host to several wonderful beaches, including Crosby beach with its unusual Antony Gormley statues standing in the sea, Blackpool South, a traditional seaside beach, and Formby beach, which is situated in Merseyside. Expect 500 acres of dunes, fantastic vistas across the Irish Sea, and a nature reserve where you can spot red squirrels. Formby beach has many transport links, and there is on-site and street parking for those arriving by car.

Best of Wales

After a half-mile hike from Stackpole Quay, you will reach one of the most breathtaking beaches in Wales, Barafundle Bay. Located in Pembrokeshire, this sandy beach is enveloped by rocky cliffs, and it offers calm waters that are ideal for swimming. Although the only way you can reach this beach is with a scenic walk, the closest place to park is the Stackpole Quay National Trust car park. The Minibus Centre offers a variety of vehicles for long-term and short-term rental. They can help you pick the best vehicle for your group.

Best Secluded Beach

Although Barafundle Bay requires a cliff-top hike, it still gets busy in the high season. For those looking for a secluded feel, Pelistry Bay on the Isles of Scilly is a great option. This remote beach is situated on the Eastern part of St Mary’s and is a truly unspoiled beach. It is less visited than the other beaches on the island, and there is a chance to explore the tiny islet of Toll’s Island when the tide is low.

Most Mystical

Sandwood Bay beach is another scenic spot that requires a hike to enjoy its wonders. This Scottish beach features pink-hued sand, eye-catching boulders, and is shrouded in myth and legend. After a 4-mile hike, you will enjoy an isolated visit to this mystical beach.

Best Beach in Northern Ireland

When it comes to endless dunes, plentiful nature trails, and the opportunity to partake in exciting water sports, Portstewart Strand in County Londonderry is the place to be. This Irish beach is great for groups of friends looking for adventure in the waters, and families with children of all ages.