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The bustling ski resort of Morzine is a great holiday destination for your next ski trip for a variety of reasons that will be sure to place it on the top of your holiday list. Close to the airport, budget-friendly, terrain to welcome beginners and challenge the more experienced – and also not to mention the vibrant nightlife its bars and clubs has to offer. Morzine has won the hearts of many Brits over the years and it’s no wonder. Find out where to ski, eat, drink and stay in Morzine with these insider tips.

What’s the village like?
Morzine is situated right in the heart of the Portes de Soleil, which conveniently provides access to a wonderful network of slopes either through the Super Morzine gondola or the Prodines Express. Authentic local shops are in abundance, the bars and restaurants know to spoil their guests, as do the many local slopes that span across an area of 120km that is shared with the resort of Les Gets.

Unlike many other ski resorts, Morzine has managed to build up its reputation within the skiing industry without losing its local charm. Their wooden chalets and farmhouses still accentuates its traditional Savoyard charm as well as providing a real comfortable rustic feel when inside. Upon arrival, it would be a good idea to have a walk around just to get your bearings. In the centre of Morzine is where you’ll find the tourist office which will provide you with all the important information you need during your stay.

Where should I stay?
Choosing from the array of ski chalets available from any ski-resort can be tricky, especially if it’s going to be your first visit. When it comes to luxury ski chalets, then few can be compared to Hunter Ski Chalet. The interior design is stylish, modern, but also intimate. Their extensive use of opulent wood helps to create that cosy vibe that you imagine comfortably sinking into after a cold day on the slopes.

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Where to ski in Morzine
Whether you’re still learning how to snowplow or if you only live for the red pistes, Morzine is an ideal location for skiers of all levels. Getting to the ski lifts is easy since they are all within walking distance to the lifts or bus stops. Nyon, Pleney, Super Morzine, Prodains and Ardent are all of the main lifts that you need to know about when getting to the ski areas.

The Nyon cable car is the most accessible way of reaching the stunning Nyon area. When arriving, you’ll have a few wide red and blue runs to choose from that link to Pleney and Les Gets. Ideal for beginners, their blue runs offer both wide pistes for those still trying to gain some confidence before taking on the slightly narrower and challenging pistes. It also has a freeride area that is great for powder days for those that have the necessary equipment and skills.

You can find the bottom of the Pleney telecabine in Morzine itself, which connects to the Morzine and Les Gets side of the valley. For beginner and intermediate level skiers, this is a good spot to try and sharpen your skills before progressing to the more challenging slopes. A winning trait that Pleney has is that the trees help to provide some visibility if you are unlucky enough to get with bad weather. You also have the luxury of getting back into the town quickly if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Super Morzine
Located on the opposite side of the valley to the Pleney is where you’ll find the Super Morzine bubble lift, which will give you access to Avoriaz. Time-wise, it takes around 30 minutes to reach Avoriaz through the Zore and Proclou chairlifts. When arriving in Avoriaz, you have the luxury to choose from four different areas to ski in – one for beginners, other for families, playing in the trees and terrain for the experts.

Prodains is the big telecabine that takes you directly into Avoriaz. A lot of the Avoriaz ski and snowboarding schools congregate at the top of Prodains. You can get to Prodains by catching the ski shuttle bus that leaves Morzine every ten minutes (the “A” bus route).

The Ardent bubble lift takes you straight into Lindarets where you’ll have fun with a run nicknamed ‘Star Wars.’ This blue run gets its nickname for its high speeds that is compared to riding as fast as a speeder through the forests of Endor with an Ewok. If you’ve not seen Star Wars, then here’s the translation – it’s a fast runway that will get the adrenaline going! If you’ve got a car, then the drive to Ardent is around 20 minutes where you’ll have to pass through Montriond and past the lake. Alternatively, you can catch the “M” bus.

Food and Drink
Whether you fancy a quick takeaway or prefer dining in a renowned restaurant, you’re spoilt for choice in Morzine. If you want to try out some of the local cuisine, you won’t have to look far to find your fondue and tartiflette.

La Dez’Alp restaurant is a traditional but modern Savoyard styled restaurant and brasserie that can be found in the centre of Morzine. Open for both lunch and dinner, they serve a combination of Savoyard and French cuisines that will be sure to keep you going on the slopes all day! They also offer a cafe service too if you’re looking to stop off for a quick coffee or hot chocolate.

If you really want to treat yourself, then you must dine in what is arguably Morzine’s classiest and most expensive restaurant, L’Atelier. Their Michelin chef, Alexandre Baud-Pachon, will really get your taste buds going with his special menu that consists of fish, meat and traditional meals such as foie gras with spices mixed in with local products.

If you have a love for wine then you’ll have to dine in Chalet Philibert. They have a special menu that is based on local flavours but their wine list is what really stands out which includes a fine selection of Grand Cru’s as well as locally grown wines.