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London is a fantastic city in every sense. It’s so versatile that it has something new and interesting to offer everyone, and even more so for children of all ages, as it’s a real fairy tale come true. London has many amazing and fascinating places to visit with your child, and below, you will learn about the most remarkable of them. So, where to go with kids in London?

Buckingham Palace

No tour of London is complete without Buckingham Palace, and it’s particularly interesting for children – it’s home to the world’s most famous queen! And you certainly can’t miss the Changing of the Guard, an extraordinarily colourful and vivid spectacle that brings the historical books to life.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes – the legendary detective – is as famous as the Queen. It’s not just adults who know and love him, but children too, who will undoubtedly love the house’s fascinating environment. You’ll find lots of fun things to see and have their photo taken with a 19th century policeman or a real-life chambermaid.

Madame Tussauds

There are few more famous celebrities than Madame Tussauds in Hollywood and kids love the chance to have their photo taken with their favourite star or character, or see skillfully manipulated prototypes of some of the greatest people in history.

Hyde Park

London has more than just an abundance of interesting museums and magnificent palaces – it’s also some of the most beautiful parks in the world. It’s hard to find another country with so much attention to gardens and such loving care for plants. A stroll through the perfect avenues of London’s most famous park, along with water rides, horse riding, roller skating, tennis and bowling – it’s one of your child’s best memories of the trip. And what’s especially fun for children on the outing is being allowed to walk on the grassy lawns.

Kensington Gardens

For a leisurely stroll amongst the huge metropolis and lush lawns of England, Kensington Gardens is the place to be. It’s a must-visit for any child, with a statue of the famous fairy-tale character Peter Pan, symbolising the joy and uniqueness of childhood. Moreover, it is the best quiet place for a mummy to read books.

Hamleys toy shop

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Hamleys Toy Shop is the epitome of every child’s dream, a veritable realm of toys for children of all ages. Cuddly teddy bears, frilly dolls, fascinating building blocks and radio-controlled models are just some of the toys you’ll find in this multi-storey children’s kingdom in the heart of London.

London Zoo

London Zoo is one of the world’s largest and most interesting zoos. All day is better to let your child see all the animals, some of them very rare.

Science Museum

Don’t let the name scare you away, because the Science Museum in London is proof that learning can be a lot of fun. With lots of cool exhibits and creative installations that graphically demonstrate the complex scientific terms and physical processes, the Science Museum London is sure to have your child hooked.

Ferris wheel

If you don’t have time to explore all of London, you can still take a ride on this fantastic piece of modern technology and get a 3D geography lesson at the London Eye. The view from the height of 135 metres is more than you could ever hope for.

Rainforest Cafe

After a long walk around London you’re sure to want to grab a bite to eat. There are all kinds of caf├ęs and restaurants in the centre but why not treat your child to a tasty, but fun lunch? Check out Rainforest Cafe, a jungle-themed place with a real small waterfall and fun figurines of exotic animals. Not only does it have a colourful interior, it also has a delicious menu.