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The thought that plagues most travellers is finding a place to crash. It could be for a night or for a few hours depending on your requirements. However, finding a place that meets your expectations is a challenge in itself, and let’s not forget the hefty pricing.

The hotel chain around London was missing a key element for more casual travellers. Let’s face it, renting a hotel isn’t cheap and the cheaper ones aren’t appealing. You can be on a low budget or a narrow time frame, but that doesn’t justify sacrificing your comfort, especially where better options are available.

It is an understatement to call day use hotels a groundbreaking discovery. Before, people were used to the idea of paying for luxury even when there was no need for most of it (will come back to that later). The day use service allows you to choose the facilities you deem necessary. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Imagine a situation where you need a room for only a few hours but end up paying for a whole day. This is the problem with most hotels. Either pay for a whole day or spend the night in the airport waiting room. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a room for a few hours so that you can sleep in an actual bed?

With day use hotels in London now you can get rooms on an hourly basis without having to shed any extra cash (and 50% cheaper, sometimes even 70% at night). Waiting in on someone? Get a room instead of waiting in your car? Is your flight early in the morning and do you have a few hours to spare? Freshen up in a hotel, watch a movie, have a few drinks take a nap, the possibilities are endless.

But, what if you wanted to play some pool or take a dip in the pool, or enjoy the roasted turkey you saw in the buffet on your way in. In a conventional hotel, those services would cost you a fortune. Also, they are included in several tier packages. You may need the pool but not the bar and end up paying for it anyway. Such a fuss right? Not anymore.

The day use hotels in London offer similar services, none of which are reserved in separate packages. Just pick anything you like, pay for it and enjoy. It’s that simple. The greatest thing these types of hotels offer is customizability. You will be given the option to handpick the services that you require for any period of the day.
There is a reason behind why many hotels are adopting this type of service. Mostly a majority of hotels all over London had high costs. They maintained such a high price to maintain the brand of said hotel. However, this discouraged a majority of travellers.

Business goers or other practitioners who have full day work reservations only require a room for a few hours. They are looking for a place for a freshen up for the day that lies ahead. Paying for a day when you only need an hour or two is never justified. They prefer to stay at the airport and go their workplaces directly rather than spending a fortune.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of them. Thanks to the rising popularity of busy-bodies like you, many hotels have adopted this pay-by-the-hour scheme which not only addresses your needs but also helps hotels fills their rooms as well.

Day use hotels allow you to enjoy what you ACTUALLY need and asks for a price that’s completely justified. Can the world get any simpler? Remember this the next time you hit the road.