Are you looking for a perfect blend of nature, history, and entertainment? Look no further than Raby Estates, a stunning destination offering a myriad of events to suit every interest. From hands-on workshops to enchanting tours, here’s a glimpse into the exciting calendar of events at Raby Estates:

1. Shrub Pruning Workshop

Date: 11th February

Cost: £10.00 per person

Details: Dive into the art of shrub pruning at this interactive workshop. Learn the secrets of maintaining a beautiful garden from experienced horticulturists.


2. Valentine’s Day Dining

Date: 14th February

Cost: 1 Course £23.00 | 2 Courses £28.00 | 3 courses £35.00

Details: Indulge in a romantic dining experience at Raby Estates. Treat your loved one to a specially curated Valentine’s Day menu in a picturesque setting.

3. Freddie’s Deer Park Adventure

From: 14th February

Cost: Adult £6.50 | Concession £5.50 | Child £4.50 | Under 4s FREE | Family £20.00

Details: Embark on an adventure through Freddie’s Deer Park. Perfect for families, this experience promises encounters with nature’s wonders.



4. The Big Bug Safari Trail at High Force Waterfall

From: 14th February

Details: Venture into the world of insects with The Big Bug Safari Trail at High Force Waterfall. A fun and educational experience for all ages.




5. Step into Spring Trail at The Plotters’ Forest

From: 14th February

Cost: Child £8.50 | Adult £9.00 | Under 4s FREE | Family £30.00

Details: Embrace the changing seasons with the Step into Spring Trail. A delightful family activity set in the enchanting Plotters’ Forest.





6. Children’s Indoor Theatre Experience: Castle Quest!

Date: 24th February

Cost: Adult £6.50 | Child £12.00

Details: Join the adventure with Rusticus Adventure’s Castle Quest! A theatrical experience bringing history to life for the whole family.





7. Spotlight on the Archives: Lead Mining in Upper Teesdale

Date: 24th February

Cost: Adult £20.00 | Concession £15.00

Details: Uncover the fascinating history of lead mining in Upper Teesdale. A captivating journey into the region’s industrial past.





8. Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

Dates: 9th & 10th March

Cost: Adult £30.00 | Child £20.00 |Adult with glass of fizz £35.00

Details: Treat your mom to a delightful Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea and Castle Tour. A perfect way to celebrate this special day.



9. Easter Egg Trail at The Plotters’ Forest

From: 29th March

Cost: Child £8.50 | Adult £9.00 | Under 4s FREE | Family £30.00

Details: Join the Easter Egg Trail for a joyful family adventure in The Plotters’ Forest.





10. Hot Cross Bun Workshop

Dates: 5th and 7th April

Cost: £29.50 per person

Details: Master the art of making Hot Cross Buns at this hands-on workshop. A delicious experience for all baking enthusiasts.






Stay tuned for more exciting events at Raby Estates, where every visit promises a unique and enriching experience. Explore North East England, learn, and create memories amidst the beauty of nature and history. Visit Raby Estates for more information and to book your tickets.