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Kids are known to be full of life and energetic, always ready for play and adventures.

One of the best ways to fuel this excitement is by giving them a bike made specially to suit them.

A bike made for their little frame. One that keeps them safe from injury yet offers hours of entertainment. Such rides also help them stay fit and learn some life lessons. 

Lately, there has been an increasing demand to take proper care of our planet. What better way to parent than giving your little ones gifts or rides that pose no threat to mother nature?

In this article, we look at how to choose an eco-friendly bike for your little one, to dispel the environmental guilt that comes with some kid’s bike purchases.

What is an Eco-friendly bike?

CDC has long ago linked biking with having immense positive effects on the environment. Eco-friendly bikes, commonly called green bikes, took it to another level. They are bikes made to cause little or no harm to our planet. 

They come from sustainable, eco-friendly materials like bamboo, recycled plastic, and sometimes cork. While green bikes are kind to the planet, their designs are durable, safe, and fun for young riders.

A fun fact; just like other bikes, these bikes in no way reduce the appealing feel of riding. Sometimes, green bike companies go as far as planting trees for every bike sold.

Why choose a green kids’ balance bike?

While being eco-friendly tops the chart, green kids’ bikes are known to have a lot of appealing perks over traditional balance bikes. Some of them are;

Green bikes are lightweight

A bike’s weight influences not just its use but also enjoyability. Light materials like plastic or bamboo constitute the frame materials which makes them light when compared with those made from steel and other materials.

This lightweight aspect also makes them a good fit for your mini-me.

Green bikes can be easily adjusted

Customizable bikes are one of the most loved two-wheelers amongst little ones. While being cool and comfy, they remain a perfect fit for kids, even as they grow. 

Green bikes for the best biking experience 

A matching helmet would always be handy, more for the style than safety cause balance bikes rarely fall. The weight, alongside its flexibility, offers the green bike smooth handling. This opens kids up to a thrilling biking experience.

Green bikes stand the test of time

These special bikes are made from natural materials, making them less likely to break or wear down over time. They’ll also break down easily and in an environmentally-friendly fashion after use.

They are also famous for being stylish and sleek

Most green kids’ balance bike designs are fashionable with kid-friendly graphics and colours. Bobbin Bikes fit perfectly into this category!

Help little ones care for the environment

Riding eco-friendly bikes is a simple way to teach your kids how to be kind to mother earth.

Where to find green kids balance bikes 

Finding a green bike isn’t a walk in the park. Bike materials rarely occur in natural states. Nevertheless, companies like Bobbin Bikes go as far as adorning your rides with eco-friendly wicker baskets.


Choosing an eco-friendly bike for your little rider is good for the planet, but that’s just one part of the experience. These bikes are designed with safety in mind, give pleasant memories, and teach the value of sustainability all in one fun package.

You really should consider investing in an eco-friendly ride!