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The Family Saver Card offers our members the opportunity to experience an exciting range of visitor attractions, restaurants and fun activities at discounted rates for an entire year. With attractions in Staffordshire, London and more, Family Saver Card is perfect for finding days out for all the family!

About Family Saver Card

The Family Saver Card is a membership card that gives discounts on all types of leisure and entertainment activities for families or any adult that takes children under the age of 16 years old.

Over the years, children generally over the age of 12 years are being treated as adults whenever they undertake entertainment activities and are expected to pay adult prices.
These have been causing a burden on family finances, and in return means that these age group over 12 years are rarely out with parents, carers or other adults. Not only does this decrease their chances of learning social integration but also causes family divide.
This age group then also have to make or find their own entertainments most of the time leading to boredom or stuck in their bedrooms on computer games.

The Family Saver Card aim to solve most of these problems with our innovative membership card service


Sarah Mum of 1 “I only use my card at the Family Saver Card Partners, as my Daughter eats for free. My savings work out to be around £5.00 each time”.

Dannika, “I haven’t got any children yet; I bought a card so that I could take my younger brother out for Treats”.

Sue, “I brought a card as a gift for a close friend, who I knew would benefit from the savings she’d make over the year”.

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