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You’ve spent a lot of time and money making your home reflects your own personal style and interests – but as the days grow warmer and social distancing measures continue ease, is your backyard barbecue ready? Whether you’re ready for a big gathering or just preparing to have a few friends around for an informal meal, sprucing you home’s exterior up doesn’t have to be a chore – in fact, it can be fun. Today our team has five top ideas for bringing the flair and function of your home interior to an outdoor space you can enjoy the whole summer through.

Colorful Flashes

You know that to-die-for feature wall you painstakingly prepped and painted with a trendy 2020 color in your dining room? Use that colour for accessories or soft furnishing outside as well. This way, whether people are in the back yard to enjoy the barbecue or just to sip an icy drink on a sunny day, they’ll feel just as connected to you and your home as they would sit around the dinner table. You may opt to include vases or serving vessels in your chosen colour, or go all-in and pick up a can of exterior paint in your featured hue to coat storage boxes, furniture, or other highlightable elements.

Prominent Prints

If you’re investing the time and effort to create a photo wall in your home, consider how you could carry that imagery into the outdoor space. This could mean simply installing your chosen mural on a wall which joins your exterior and interior entertaining spaces. Or, you might shop around and find a vendor that can create canvas or metal prints of the same art you’re having made into wallpaper to allow you to pick out specific details of the wall art and take them over the threshold.

Fabulous Fabrics

Another great way to transport people from your luscious lawn into your interior lounge space is by using echoes of the same fabrics you’ve chosen for cushions, draperies, and linens in other areas. For example, if you’ve got some of those painfully on-point patterned cushions scattered around your sofas, have a look in popular hand-made selling communities to see if you can find some weatherproof options to go outside. Look for cushions, covers, even picnic table covers or blankets are often available to add a little sizzle to your outdoor decor for summer.

Wonderful Woods

There are scads of ways to integrate wooden highlights within an outdoor entertaining space. If your kitchen features butchers block style counter-tops, consider mimicking these with a block-topped storage cart that can double as a serving space for gatherings. On the other hand, if your home features wood floors with rich tones, choose serving bowls made from the same wood – often these are easy to pick up for a song in the post-holiday period when shops are making way for new inventory. You can find funky shapes as well as traditional options. A final way to incorporate wooden highlights in your exterior entertaining area is in the furnishings you choose yourselves. While traditional outdoor furniture tends to be made from woods like cedar, teak, and fir which are unlikely to feature in your home’s visible spaces, they’re durable and can be stained to compliment interior wood features with relative ease.

Tantalising Textures

Our final point of inspiration comes in the form of textures. While we have sort of touched on this in pointing out the brilliant flexibility of fabrics, we’d encourage you to really consider the way various textures within your living space stimulate conversations and feelings among your guests. The cool of a leather sofa on a warm summer day can be soothing. The smooth touch of microfiber can provide comfort. The plush feel of an area rug between your toes can make you feel cozy, whatever the weather. Adding texture to your exterior space is a great way to create or enhance the feeling of “home” people get from your spaces.  As you continue getting your household ready for entertaining, we hope that these five areas whet your appetite for bringing the inside out this summer. Happy entertaining, whatever the weather.