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The city of London is one of the best capitals in the world. There is so much to see and do that it is unlikely that you will experience everything in one trip. However, you shouldn’t let that fact stop you from trying.

Getting the full experience of a place like London is possible if you plan correctly. That is why this article will provide you with a few tips about how you can make the most out of your trip to the famous English capital. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Get A Day Ticket

There are several iconic vehicles that can ship you around the busy London streets. Everyone knows about the red double-decker bus and black cab, after all. However, visitors will find that the tube is the most efficient way to travel around the city. You will have to get the right ticket, though.

Day travel tickets will cost you around £13, and this card will give you tube access through zones 1-5. These zones cover the very heart of London, so there is no reason for tourists to venture outside of this area. A day ticket for the tube will cover you for twenty-four hours, so you can hop on the tube at any time throughout your stay and travel across the city at your leisure.

Start At The Embankment

It makes sense that new visitors will want to see all of London’s landmarks as soon as possible. Therefore, you will want to use your day ticket to head to the Embankment station first.

The embankment gets its name from the fact that it is located on the edge of the river Thames. That’s one iconic sight ticked off your list already. However, take a quick walk around and you will soon witness Big Ben, the houses of parliament, and the London Eye, all within one mile from each other. With these landmarks out of the way, you are then free to check out some of the entertainment options.

Book Food In Advance

London features some of the best restaurants in the country. That is exactly why these locations are often fully booked months in advance. Whether you want to eat at the child-friendly rainforest café in Piccadilly, the high-class Imperial Treasure in Waterloo, or have a traditional roast dinner at one of the many pubs across the city; you will definitely need to book your meal ahead of time.

Find The Free Experiences

Since London is the capital city, you can expect that most of its attractions will set you back financially. However, you will also find that some of the best locations in the city are free.

Every museum in London is free to enter. This means that you can head to the science museum, the national history museum, the Tate gallery, and the British Museum all without spending a single coin. What’s more, the city is also famous for its mix of parks and shopping centres. Therefore, it is perfectly natural to spend one day in London without using your credit card.

Accept That You Can’t See Everything

While the Embankment will provide you with a great place to start your sightseeing adventure, it is likely that you will not see everything the city of London has to offer. This is because London is a big place that is steeped in history. Therefore, you will find something of note on almost every street corner.

Try to make a list of everything you want to see before you go and put these ideas in order of priority. Also, make sure you bring a camera and research everything you need to know about DSLR cameras before your trip. This way, you will have a documented series of photographs for the next time you plan a visit.

Avoid Bank Holidays

London may be a popular place for tourists; however, it is equally as popular with the local residents. There is so much to see and do in the city that many Brits choose to head to London whenever they have some free time. This means that bank holidays are possibly the busiest time for people visiting London.

That is why it is a good idea to find out when these bank holidays occur so you can avoid them. London is a big place, but it suddenly feels very small when you are cramped onto a tube train with a bunch of strangers. What’s more, things get a lot more expensive during the holidays. Plan around these dates and you will have a much better trip.

A Brief Conclusion

London is a great place to visit, and you will have a great time no matter how you arrange your trip. However, these bits of knowledge will serve newcomers well. Make sure you keep these tips in mind for your next holiday to London and you will fit in almost as well as the locals.