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When traveling through London, the largest city in the entire United Kingdom, the last thing you want to do is lose your luggage.   

You will be moving in the midst of a population that consists of nearly nine million people and attracts approximately another 30 million on an annual basis.

There are good reasons for this incredible level of yearly tourism, from landmarks such as London’s marquee building known as Big Ben, to its political epicenter, Buckingham Palace.

But before you start feeling a sense of anxiety taking over your body during your itinerary planning, simply take a moment to make a note of these tips to prevent you from losing your luggage while in London.

 1. Get Luggage Storage

The main way to avoid losing your luggage in London in the first place is to not have it on you while you are making your way through the streets.

That doesn’t mean you have to enter these British borders with nothing but the clothes on your back for the duration of your stay.

Establish a safe space for your belongings by booking a luggage storage facility in the nearest vicinity to you.  Avoid creating a sad ending to your trip to England by having to tell a left luggage London when you finally arrive back home by securing luggage storage.

2. Tags for Your Bags

Be sure that your bags have been labeled and tagged properly with contact information while traveling in London.

If your baggage does get lost, having it labeled with an email address could be a great way for a good Samaritan who has come across it to help contract you to get it returned.

Double-check that your bag tags have your up-to-date information and it is written legibly.

You can even use hi-tech tagging with a GPS-tracked tag to locate lost luggage directly with a small tag or device and a smartphone app.

Actually, knowing exactly where your luggage is makes the speed of recovering it a whole lot faster.

3. Keep Your Valuables Close

Losing your luggage is even harder to do when it never leaves your person.

Obviously, this isn’t an option for your entire travel wardrobe or complete collection of bathroom products.

But you are better off keeping small sentimental items that are either expensive or completely priceless in your pockets than run the risk of leaving them in hotel rooms where they are unprotected.

Also, seriously consider getting a comprehensive travel insurance policy that offers coverage for lost baggage as well.

Sure, this won’t keep you from losing your luggage in London in the immediate sense. But at least you will be reimbursed.

4. Use Memorable Luggage

Depending on where in the world you live, traveling to London for you may mean riding on a lengthy airplane flight to get there.

Once you leave your seat and yawn your way to the baggage claim department for your airline, wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to see your bags right away without having to closely inspect each similar one?

Imagine how many other free-standing black suitcases are going to be circulating through the crowded baggage carousel?

No one said you have to spend thousands on luxury brand luggage. Just be certain that you have baggage that has. Memorable enough design or colour scheme so that it doesn’t get confused for someone else’s by mistake.

5. Avoid Last Minute Traveling

If at all possible, give yourself plenty of planning time to check and double-check your baggage before you leave home for your trip to London.

But don’t stop there; avoid booking a connecting flight that has really short layovers that will force you to sprint really fast in order to make it to your boarding gates in time.

In fact, if you are capable of booking direct, non-stop flights to London, you can minimize the chances of having your luggage get lost at those connecting flights.  

6. Early Flight Check-ins

This piece of advice is extremely simple, check your baggage in as early as humanly possible.

Don’t be that person that is the final one to board the plane because it will become even more possible that your luggage will not be able to be loaded, and maybe not even making it on in time for departure.

If your bags aren’t ready at the loading depot in time, you have just run the risk of them not getting loaded at all.  

By making use of these panic-prevention methods, you can make entering and exiting London with your luggage intact a reality.