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You’ve been in London for a while and have already explored the best attractions around. Now you need something else, something more than the usual London daily tours, but don’t have much time for long-distance excursions. What about something you can reach in less than three hours from London? 

Imagine exploring places like Cambridge, Oxford, or Bristol with a London chauffeur service by your side. If you like the idea, we have a few interesting suggestions for you. That way, you won’t get bored during your London stay, and you’ll get a chance to explore the nearby cities and towns for an even better experience. 

How to Get to London’s Nearest Locations

Travelling from London to any other corner of the UK is pretty easy. In general, the places we’ll mention in this article are well-connected to the UK’s capital, so you may have more than one option for transportation. We suggest checking on the train schedule, buses, or even private transportation companies, especially if you’re time-limited. 

Hiring a chauffeur service UK or taking a shared ride are also great ways to explore the surroundings, especially if you don’t want to be alone through the whole experience. 

And if you need really great ideas about places you can get from London in less than three hours, we have a beautiful list of such locations, including:

Exploring Cambridge

Cambridge is a well-known UK spot, mostly for the renowned University of Cambridge. Surely, you can enjoy the authentic architecture and cobbled streets, making the whole experience charming and unforgettable. 

By the River Cam, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery and have some coffee while listening to the water’s sounds. Also, you can explore the various museums, including the Museum of Zoology, or maybe some gallery or theatre there. 

Oxford’s Vibrant Atmosphere

Oxford is another university city in the UK, known well for the Bodleian Library. You can enjoy this unique experience by visiting the fascinating corners full of history. And while here, visit the Ashmolean Museum to see great archaeological artefacts.

For an even more convenient experience, hire a luxury car service London to Oxford ride so you can arrive safely and enjoy every moment of it. 

An Escape in Swindon

Swindon is a town that will satisfy all your senses. From shopping to exploring picturesque spots, Swindon offers an experience you won’t ever forget. 

You’ll have about two hours to get there, so be prepared to get to know the town’s rich history and heritage as you travel. 

Ipswich – The Place You’ll Love to Live There

Ipswich is another cultural corner near London, with more than 6000 heritage hot spots. From museums and culture to nature preserves, this is probably one of the most fairytale-like towns in the UK. 

People who live there claim it’s a great place to spend your days. So, you may like it that much to spend more than a few hours in Ipswich.

Birmingham – The City of Jewels

Birmingham is not that far away from London, but it is a dynamic metropolis that brings culture, historical landmarks, and modern life together. The Jewellery Quarter will offer a historic overview of the local craftsmanship with its independent shops and galleries. 

The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter will teach you about the city’s rich jewelry-making heritage. Surely, there are many great things to explore there, so make sure you have an hour or two more than you initially planned.

The Spiritual Side of Canterbury

Canterbury, many say, is the spiritual heart of England. It’s renowned for the legendary and magnificent Canterbury Cathedral, which is a must for architecture and history enthusiasts. 

In general, Canterbury is a beautiful place to visit, especially for its unique architecture, medieval buildings, and cobbled streets. A truly authentic English experience for everyone who wants to see more of the UK.

Bristol on the River Avon

Bristol is located by the River Avon, offering a rich cultural scene and a unique blend of history, art, and modern attractions. Also, it was the first ever British city to be named European Green Capital. 

Still, the unique street art adds an urban edge to the city’s landscape, making it even more unique and attractive for visitors. So, if you want an urban environment, but London makes you tired, Bristol is the answer you’re looking for.


People who often travel to London should know that there are great places around they can visit during spare hours. No matter if you travel for a vacation or work, you deserve to take a break and choose your favourite spot to explore. 

The UK offers unlimited access to historical sites, attractions, and natural getaways. It’s up to you to find your favourite and decide how you’ll get there. We are sure that this experience will double the excitement and let you have a great time in the UK.