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Travel may have a different meaning for you and your friends. They might enjoy nothing more than relaxing in an international hotel in a busy tourist location, while you long to find new adventures. If you dare to follow your instincts and travel solo, you can look forward to the holiday of a lifetime! Once you strike out as a lone adventurer, you can share your new experiences of the world with companions who are in tune with your travel ambitions.

Organised Trips for Solo Adventurers

A holiday that’s designed for solo adventurers takes groups of strangers to wonderful locations around the world. The common bond between everyone is a love of discovering the thrilling adventures that are often shaped by the natural landscape. You’ll encounter amazing scenery and diverse cultures while building new friendships. By enrolling in one of the group travel tours from WeRoad you’ll have an exciting holiday that’s brimming with adventure.

High Adventure

If you love the idea of trying out daring new activities, there’s an amazing choice of group trips that are full of high adventure. For instance, the ultimate in physical exertion has to be Ghyll scrambling. It’s like a gigantic obstacle course that’s been designed by nature itself. You could find yourself on an exhilarating scramble down a rocky water chute set in the Italian Dolomites or the prehistoric landscape of the UK’s Lake District. While enjoying the thrills and spills of negotiating natural waterfalls, and clear mountain pools, you can admire the beauty of rugged landscapes that date from the beginning of time.

Sharing Holiday Experiences

Choosing a holiday for groups helps you appreciate your travel experiences to the full. You’ll have the assistance of an experienced travel guide who you can contact before the excursion begins. You’ll soon understand how the travel community works for a group of adventurous strangers. It won’t be long before you feel as if you’re meeting old friends. You’ll be sharing adventures such as hiking amongst the exquisite scenery of the Cumbrian hills or the wild terrain of Patagonia. Whatever destination you choose, there could be delicious local cuisine to look forward to at the end of a busy day. Your accommodation often reflects the historic traditions of your location. It could be a quaint stone cottage in Keswick, or a real-life refuge hut in the Atlas Mountains.

Freedom and Friendship

When you join an organised trip, you’ll still have options that tailor the holiday to your travel ideals. For example, even though you’re travelling as a group, you may have the option of hiring a car or minivan and even accepting transport for your backpack. The camaraderie you’ll enjoy amongst your new friends should make your solo adventure one of the most memorable holidays you’ve ever had. Make sure your next holiday is one that’s designed for a group of adventurers.