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The landscapes and scenery in Scotland are unmatched anywhere else in the world. Now that Covid restrictions have been lifted in most parts of the world, you are probably eager to have a holiday for two and unwind after the stresses of the past year.

If you are keen to experience Scotland but are concerned about running out of battery and being stranded in an isolated spot, we’ve got you covered. The Scottish city of Edinburgh has placed 30 public charging points throughout its area of jurisdiction and these are readily accessible and user-friendly. This makes Edinburgh a great starting point for your road trip. Below we provide you with a plan that allows you to see Scotland up close, do your meander, and end your trip in the Scottish city of Glasgow.

Alternatively, book into a hotel that has a charging station on its premises. There is the Royal Mile, the Radisson Blue, and the Nira Caledonia. Over the course of a mini week, where you take in as many new experiences as possible, you will be doing a mixture of walking and driving and returning home in time for the weekend.

Starting Point

If you have not yet purchased an electric car but would like to get the feel of it and see how you cope with charging the vehicle, it is a good idea to enter into a leased agreement. This will allow you to go on road trips every year until you are ready to buy your own electric vehicle. If you want to learn how to lease an electric car, this link will provide you with comprehensive information on the process.

Before you go rushing off in your electric car, take a few hours to explore Edinburgh which is of interest to tourists and locals alike. Follow a route from the Royal Mile hotel and get to know what is called the Old Town and the New Town. Much of this first leg can be done on foot.

You will come to the Palace of Holyroodhouse where the queen made her home in Scotland. This contrasts dramatically with the ultra-modern Parliament. Next is the 12th-century Edinburgh Castle. Beneath it lies an extinct volcano.

If you arrived in Scotland the night before, spend another night in Edinburgh at one of the venues already proposed. Or you could experience more of the Edinburgh culture by booking into one of its numerous bed and breakfast homes and get to know the locals. Just ensure that you are able to charge your electric vehicle there so that you can head out early in the morning on your next adventure.

The Second Day of Your Road Trip

If you have charged your electric vehicle overnight, you can make an early start to the day, after a hearty local Scottish breakfast. Although your main destination is the Cairngorms National Park, you absolutely have to take a detour to the Howe of Fife and the village of Falkland. Also, make sure to visit the famous Renaissance Falkland Palace. Falkland also boasts a genuine 16th-century tennis court, one of only two in the whole of the UK.

Cairngorms National Park is next on the list. Expect to feel somewhat dominated by its array of mountain ranges, some of which tower over the rest in the kingdom. You will find every natural feature here and you will want to simply absorb this magnificent beauty. You can easily spend a day or two here regenerating from a year of hard work and city life.

Remember to charge your electric vehicle at every opportunity. Despite there being plenty of charging points you can use, you may have to travel a distance to get to one.

You have an abundance of choices when it comes to where to spend the night. If you feel ready to return to civilisation after a long drive through nature, there are hotels and inns aplenty. But if you want to prolong the experience and have more to talk about on your return home, opt to set up at a camping site.

If camping is not your thing, the regions offers various types of accommodation in abundance. Some of these will have charging stations you can make use of.

Be sure to take your high-quality camera as there is so much grandeur you will want to freeze in memory for years to come. This will provide a great opportunity to make your holiday come alive for your friends and family members when they can see these picturesque landscapes, flora and fauna for themselves. Binoculars are also a must-have for this trip. The animal life will usually be wary of vehicles but with luck you can see them clearly with your binoculars.

The Third Day of Your Road Trip

As you leave the Cairngorms behind in your taillights, take in the fantastic town of Aviemore. If you camped the previous night, this is your opportunity to recharge your car’s battery. Aviemore is located at the utmost northwest of the Cairngorms Park. You can spend time photographing its ospreys, capercaillies, and eagles. If you are feeling active, there is skiing and canoeing to use up your energy.

You will probably need to return to Aviemore for a second holiday or spend a few days of your current trip there to take in everything. Time permitting, Badenoch is worth a visit for museums, distilleries, and castles. Then on to Loch Ness for a hopeful sighting of the Loch Ness monster. You can also charge your car here at the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition.

The Fourth Day of Your Road Trip

Take the scenic route along the A82 and make for Fort Augustus and the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. In Fort Augustus, you can hike the well-known Great Glen Way. You can examine Scottish clan weapons dating back to the 17th century at the Clansmen Centre. Be sure to see Urquhart Castle and discover its unique history.

The Eilean Donan Castle is so famous you are sure to have heard of it. It is situated at the intersection of three great sea lochs on a tiny island that looks down over the Isle of Skye and is set against the backdrop of the Kintail’s mountain forests. Research the history of the castle before your trip — it is a long one — to make the trip more meaningful.

The Fifth Day of Your Road Trip

You have a wide range of choices for the last day of your trip if you spend it at Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, with plenty of charging stations. These two parks offer a variety of landscapes from forests to woodland, from lochs to mountains, spread out over 720 square miles. For the active visitor, you can fish, climb, cycle, hike, or enjoy some water sports. From the National Park, it is a pleasant drive to end your trip at Glasgow. On your trip, you will find it easy to take in the many spectacular sights or just let the gentleness of the countryside, in all its manifestations, heal your spirit. Either way, this is a dream holiday and one you will not easily forget.