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If someone in your family suffers from limited mobility, this doesn’t mean they should miss out on family days out. In fact, there are plenty of fun activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy together. People living with limited mobility often struggle with low confidence. So, the thought of a day out can be somewhat daunting. However, with enough planning, you can create the perfect day to put their mind at ease. This helpful guide will discuss a few things you need to consider.  

Plan Ahead With Parking

Living with mobility issues can be tiring at the best of times. What may seem like a short walk to you – can be exhausting for the person in your life who struggles with mobility. Therefore, if you plan a day out, you must think ahead when it comes to parking. There is nothing worse than travelling to your location for the day, only to find that there is a long walk to get to your final destination. It can be a distressing time for your loved one. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can plan ahead with parking. Now, the internet is packed full of parking apps, allowing you to reserve a space before arriving at your destination. You can find a list of parking apps online. Don’t forget to take your blue badge if you plan on parking in a disabled space.

Find Out Whether There Are Enough Disabled Toilets

Whether travelling to a beach, museum, or other local attraction, you must ensure there are accessible toilets. Unfortunately, many venues do not have enough adequate toilet facilities for people with mobility issues. If you already have a day out in mind, like a local museum, it can be a good idea to ring them before your visit. Ask some important questions like, will there be ground floor disabled toilets? Are the accessible toilets big enough to manoeuvre a wheelchair? Gaining the answers to these questions before you head off on your day out can give you peace of mind that you will not run into any issues regarding toilet facilities. It can also help your loved one feel more comfortable, putting their worries at ease.

Look Into Wait Times

You may decide to plan a day out at a popular tourist attraction. However, you should consider a few things and wait times are one of them. For example, if you plan to visit an art exhibition, you should find out the wait times to get in. Standing in a long queue can be distressing for someone with limited mobility, especially if there is not enough space for their mobility aids to be used. Ideally, you should get in contact with the attraction beforehand. The employees may be able to recommend a quieter time of the day to come down. This would accommodate your loved one who has mobility issues – and can make them feel at ease as they will be visiting the venue at a much quieter time.

Pack Mobility Aids

Mobility aids are a must when it comes to days out. Not only do they provide support for those with mobility issues, but they also give them the independence they need to move around with confidence. There are plenty of aids that can prove useful for your day out. A rollator with air tyres is a popular option. They are designed for frequent use, making them suitable for uneven terrain. With an additional feature of a wheelchair function, they give your loved one peace of mind that they can take a rest when they feel it’s necessary. You can find an all-terrain rollator with air tyres through a quick Google search from specialist sites like Rollz. Their range of rollators are equipped with additional features like soft armrests and a wedge-shaped seat to make the day out as comfortable as possible.

Research Accessibility Before You Travel

Accessibility should always remain a priority when you are planning your day out. Think about how your loved one will feel when you travel to your destination, only to find that there is no accessible entrance for their mobility aids. It is not only the entrance you need to think about. For example, if you are visiting an attraction like a museum, are the walkways wide enough for a wheelchair or rollator with air tyres to get through? Is the attraction full of stairwells? This feature would make life difficult for someone with mobility issues. To help you choose the right day out – and avoid these situations, research is required. You can find plenty of articles online that discuss accessible tourist attractions in the UK. It can give you peace of mind that you are planning a day out that everyone can enjoy.

Keep Your Day Out Local

Ideally, if you plan a day out with someone with mobility issues, you should try and stay local. Travelling far can be challenging. Sitting in a car for a long time can limit mobility further and promote muscle stiffness, which can cause discomfort. Therefore, less travel time is better. Days out can also be much more tiring for someone with limited mobility. You will find that they get exhausted by movement more quickly than usual. So, it can give your loved one peace of mind that their home is not too far away if they feel like they need a rest. Luckily, there are plenty of local days out that you can enjoy. A picnic in a local park – or a meal at your family’s favourite restaurant is sure to please the crowd.

Bring Comfortable Accessories

If your loved one uses mobility aids such as a wheelchair, it can be a good idea to pack comfortable accessories for your day out. You want them to feel as comfortable as possible. So, blankets and a warm jacket are essential. You never know when a slight breeze might pass through, which is always highly likely in the UK! Travel blankets can be ideal for this, as they are compact. They can provide your loved one with immediate comfort while on the go. You can read travel blanket reviews online to help you find some of the best ones on the market. A pillow can also be a useful accessory to have, especially for those who use a rollator with air tyres. These aids are equipped with a seat. Placing a pillow on the seat when your loved one needs to use it can provide them with some extra comfort.

Avoid Strenuous Activities This tip cannot be stressed enough. As we have previously discussed, life with mobility issues can be tiring. Therefore, strenuous activities should be avoided. Instead, it would help if you chose something less challenging. A walk around your local park – or a trip to the cinema are some great examples. After all, you want the day to be enjoyable for everyone. The thought of engaging in strenuous activities can make your loved one feel uneasy. If you are struggling to think of activity ideas, there are plenty of calming days out that you can take inspiration from online. It can be a good idea to think of a day out that encourages your loved one to move around. Promoting mobility has many benefits. It can help improve muscle and bone strength, and it can also improve essential functions like sleep.