In the realm of showcasing remarkable days out across the UK, we have embarked on a journey of inclusivity, one that has changed the game for both our business and the countless individuals who crave adventure. Last year, we expanded our offering by launching ‘Accessible Great Days Out UK‘, a dedicated section on our website, with the aim of ensuring that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can relish the beauty of the UK. In this blog post, we dive into the story of Purple Tuesday, a global movement that resonates with our mission, and the profound impact it has made on our quest for accessible adventures.


Purple Tuesday, a worldwide social movement, is not just another awareness day; it’s a catalyst for transformation. It stands as the #1 brand committed to enhancing the customer experience for the 1.3 billion disabled people worldwide, representing 17% of the population. This is a staggering number, one that underscores the importance of making the world more accessible and inclusive.


Purple Tuesday inspires a deeper understanding of accessibility and encourages the implementation of solutions to improve customer environments. As a business that thrives on creating memorable experiences, we found kindred spirits in Purple Tuesday’s mission. We share the dedication to making public commitments to enhance accessibility and practices to ensure that every individual, regardless of their abilities, has more inclusive and positive experiences with the businesses that we showcase.


Each year, Purple Tuesday takes the spotlight on the first Tuesday of November, where it transcends borders and encourages inclusivity worldwide. In 2022, this vibrant event reached an astonishing 23 million people, featuring the participation of over 6,000 organisations. What’s truly remarkable is that these organisations made 7,000 commitments to improve accessibility. As a business, we proudly stood among them, actively embracing initiatives that would make ‘Accessible Great Days Out UK‘ an even more enriching experience for our website users.


What sets Purple Tuesday apart is its global resonance – it’s a movement that knows no boundaries. It unites people across the world in the pursuit of accessibility and inclusion, a shared mission that resonates with our commitment to ‘Accessible Days Out.’


The staggering statistics associated with disability and accessibility bring home the urgency and importance of Purple Tuesday. With 1.3 billion disabled individuals worldwide and their spending power estimated at $8 trillion, it’s a market that’s worth embracing. Yet, it’s a market that remains largely underserved, with only 10% of businesses having a targeted strategy to cater to this diverse group of customers.


Purple Tuesday is a beacon of hope and change for us as a business committed to showcasing great days out across the UK. It’s a reminder that inclusion is not just a choice but a responsibility, one that resonates deeply with our mission to offer accessible adventures for all. By actively participating in Purple Tuesday and through ‘Accessible Great Days Out UK’, we hope to inspire a future where every individual, regardless of their abilities, can embark on unforgettable journeys across the UK. Join us in celebrating inclusivity, one adventure at a time!


The Great Days Out UK Team