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Many parents are thinking about taking a sabbatical from work so they can take their children to see more of the world. Does this sound tempting to you? There are so many advantages to letting your children explore more of our world. Let’s take a closer look at whether a year to travel might be good for your family.


Some people feel stifled where they live. They want to get out and see more of the world. Deciding to travel can give you the freedom you want. If you think it sounds amazing to head off and go wherever you please for a year, this might be the right choice for you.

Even with small children in tow, you could head anywhere you please as long as you can secure the visas. Whether you want to plan a full journey or you think you might want to go with the flow, you will be able to do so.


Many people still think that a life on the road has to be uncomfortable. You aren’t limited to hostels and other areas anymore, though. Nowadays, you can easily travel comfortably even if you are on a budget.

One of the easiest ways to have all the comforts of home for your family is a van conversion. Converting a medium-sized van into the perfect home on wheels will allow you to journey anywhere you might choose. Find van insurance within your budget and then get ready to hit the road.

The right van conversion can have all the creature comforts you are used to at home. From running water to hidden storage everywhere, it might be smaller but that doesn’t mean you have to give up anything you might have in your home.


One of the major concerns when taking your children away for a year’s sabbatical is their education. If you have school-aged children, you might rightly have concerns about them falling behind with their schoolwork.

Home-schooling will ensure that they stay up to date on their studies. Even if you feel like you would not be the best teacher, there are plenty of resources and courses online you could look at. What’s more, your children will get to experience far more of the world than they would if they were in school. You have the opportunity to turn something as simple as a visit to a market into a lesson about money. By getting creative with your children’s education, you can offer them a varied experience that will teach them lots of new things. They might even flourish much better than they ever would have in mainstream education.

Your friends might think you are mad, but there are so many advantages to long-term travel with your family. Now is the perfect time for you to try this style of travelling. Start planning your family’s travel now!