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Gone are the days when people needed to take a flight to California to surf. The innovation of the Jetsurf board has reached new highs recently. This enables you to enjoy surfing in the UK even without waves.

Jet Surfing Makes Surfing Without Waves Possible – Join the Sport!

The classic idea of surfing involves a man paddling very fast towards a wave. Once they pick the right wave, they have to pop up on their board. Assuming the right posture is also very important, or else there is a chance they’ll fall off. That is the picture that comes into our heads when thinking about taking on a wave.

But, with modern tech making it possible for surf jet boards to be on the market, that picture has changed. Fast paddling is no longer needed. And neither is the presence of a 15-foot tall wave for people to enjoy the thrill of the waters.

The idea behind these new boards combines the principles of wakeboards, bodyboards, and kiteboards. They have been designed by F1 and MotoGP engineers and involve a two-stroke engine.

There are several places in the UK where you can try Jet Surfing. You can cut through the waves of the blue water in Cornwall Beaches. A great race track is located in Welton Waters. On Wyboston Lakes you can try out this amazing type of surfing.

What is a Jet Surf Board?

A jet surf is an automated, motorized surfboard that allows people to surf without waves. The boards initially have a two-stroke engine, but newer models make it possible for them to differ.

The model was invented by Martin Sula, belonging to the Czech Republic. Sula was formerly an F1 design engineer but now owns Jetsurf. He also participates in the MotoSurf World Cup, representing his factory in the Jetsurf Factory Team.

These lightweight surfboards weigh in at about 12kgs (28 lbs) and are very light. On average, they can hit speeds of about 56 kph (35 mph). Mainly, the boards are made out of the ever-reliable carbon fibre and Kevlar. The best part about them is that they can be used in any water condition. This allows the boards to be used in flat lakes, ponds, or even through big swells.

What Makes Surf Jet Surfboard Worthwhile

As mentioned by pro-surfers themselves, jet surf helps them keep in shape. It is a lot more physically demanding than normal surfing. That is because it requires the surfer to stay upright all the time. On a normal board, the surfer would be up on the board for about 10-15 seconds at best.

The best part about the new boards is that beginners can pick them up in one lesson only. While experience with surfing makes it easier, 99% of absolute beginners can get set in a single day. No experience is required for them to enjoy these motorboards.

It’s really easy to get started on jet surfboards. You stand up on the board, get into the right position, and push the button that turns the motor on. Different models have different riding times, but most offer more than 30 minutes. Most of the people who have tried JetSurfing say that it is very addictive. If you find that you like it a little too much, you can also consider competing. The MotoSurf World Cup is held every year and encourages participants of all ages. Men, women, and youngsters from various countries are backed to show their skills.

Where to Buy Jet Surf and Things to Know

Not all Jetsurf boards weigh as light as 12 kgs. As the price point gets higher, the features get more upgraded as well. For surfers that compete in the MotoSurf World Cup, boards can weigh as heavy as 80 kg.

Jetsurf boards start at €3600 and can go up as high as €18000. The prices depend on the type of motor being used, the fuel type used, the riding time, and the board’s weight. Some boards offer more riding time while compromising on the speed. Others allow riders to perform super-fast tricks and skills but do not last as long.

The company introduces new models every year, with new features on their boards. You can choose to buy your Jetsurf board from the official site. Or, you can also choose to get a sweet deal from

If you find that the boards you want are getting a little too expensive, you can consider buying a Jetsurf used. Forums on the internet, including subreddits, can help you with that. But make sure you test it out so that you get a board that works.