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A carbon electric bike may seem like a luxury item, but as long as you’re realistic about your expectations, they are becoming more accessible. Some manufacturers are making some excellent carbon electric bikes at more affordable prices. OK, they may not be high-end machines, but you get a lot for your money without spending thousands of pounds.

In this article, we’ll go into the benefits of a carbon electric bike, what to look out for, and give you a great option from Fiido.

What Is Carbon Fibre?

 Carbon fibre is a composite material made from thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon. These fibres are bundled together to create a fabric, which is then combined with resin to form a composite material.

Building a carbon fibre bike frame involves several steps. First, the precursor material, often polyacrylonitrile (PAN), is heated to create carbon atoms. These atoms bond together in a lattice structure, providing exceptional strength. The material is then spun into long strands, which are eventually laid into moulds to form the shape of the bike frame. The carbon moulds are then subjected to heat and pressure, which cures the resin and creates the final composite material.

What’s So Good About Carbon Fibre On An Electric Bike? 

Carbon fibre is incredibly light for the amount of strength it provides. This lightness makes handling and transporting your bike easier than if made from aluminium or steel. Carbon fibre composition gives your bike frame lots of strength and durability to cope with the rigours of daily use.

In addition to this, carbon fibre creates a more comfortable ride quality thanks to enhanced vibration damping. The stiffness of carbon also makes your electric bike more responsive and agile, improving your riding experience.

People often prefer the look of carbon fibre electric bike frames. Thanks to the manufacturing process, they are usually sleeker and more attractive, which isn’t always possible with metal fabrication. 

What To Look For In A Carbon Electric Bike

Reputable Brand 

Not all carbon electric bikes are equal. Of course, you need to realise a £2,500 electric bike won’t be the same as a £7,000, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. Do your homework on the manufacturers of your next potential electric bike by looking at reviews and testimonials. You may be surprised at what’s available within your budget.

Battery Life and Capacity

How long your battery lasts is a critical part of choosing an electric bike. Work out your average journey length and use that as a starting point for buying your next electric bike. There’s no point in buying one that won’t complete your commute. Battery capacity, measured in watt-hours (Wh), and higher capacity batteries are usually between 250Wh and 500Wh, providing longer ranges. 

Electric bike manufacturers state the estimated range of each product. However, your real-world range may be significantly different depending on your weight, fitness level, journey profile, and riding style.

Motor Power

Motors for carbon fibre electric bikes typically range from 250W to 500W. This provides enough power for most terrain types without compromising the bike’s lightweight advantage.

Comfort and Fit

A bike that fits you correctly is crucial for comfort and safety on long rides. Look at the manufacturer’s sizing guide to ensure your bike isn’t too big or too small. You should also look at what saddle and grips the manufacturer has fitted to the bike, as they make a difference in comfort. However, these are easy to change if you need to.

Fiido Air Carbon Fibre Electric Bike

There are quite a few carbon electric bikes on the market, many of which are similarly priced to a second-hand car. But what if you don’t want to spend that kind of money? This is where the Fiido Air Carbon Fibre Electric Bike comes in.

 Award Winning Design

The Fiido Air is a well-priced carbon electric bike from a reputable brand. Its carbon frame has won the prestigious Red Dot award for its rhomboid-shaped frame, which looks fantastic. Weighing only 13.6kg, this lightweight electric bike is easy to ride and handle, making it user-friendly.

Fiido has strived to make the Air elegant, with front and rear lights cleverly integrated into the frame. The bike’s stealthiness doesn’t just lie with its aesthetics; it also features a belt drive system. This alternative to the traditional chain drive makes it virtually silent while you ride. It also reduces maintenance, so you can just ride and not worry too much about getting your hands dirty.

High Performance

Fiido has equipped this carbon electric bike with a powerful but efficient 250kw motor. This motor, along with the belt drive system, is ideal for urban commutes and running errands. The lightweight design of the Fiido Air, combined with its 208.8Wh, gives it a range of 80km (50 miles). However, if you want to ride further, you can double this range by purchasing an additional external battery. This fits neatly on the bottom tube on the water bottle cage mounts.

Natural Feeling And Plenty Of Control 

People who have ridden the Fiido Air love the natural feeling through the pedals. This comes from the torque sensor system, rather than a speed sensor. You also get lots of control thanks to the powerful hydraulic disc brakes. These are easy to modulate due to the precise feeling through the brake levers, allowing for safe deceleration and stopping. One of the main benefits of hydraulic disc brakes is that they work effectively even in wet conditions. 

Security And Connectivity

The Fiido Air Carbon Electric Bike is designed for city riding. Therefore, it needs the appropriate integrated technology to suit the environment. You can activate your Fiido Air in three ways. The first is with the built-in fingerprint reader, so only you can switch it on. The second is with Fiido’s smartwatch, the “Mate.” This unlocks many of the Fiido Air’s features and provides real-time information to your wrist. The third activation method lies within the Fiido smartphone App, which also allows you to share your rides and find other Fiido owners.

Final Thoughts On The Best Carbon Electric Bike

 The best carbon electric bike for you may not be the most expensive or the flashiest. But, with some research, you can find tech-laden carbon electric bikes from reputable brands that fit your budget. The Fiido Air Carbon Electric Bike may just be the best electric bike for the money, which is the opinion of many independent reviewers, such as Autoevolution.