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Being an Island, the UK has many coastal sites. The UK coasts are tourist attraction sites as well as a home for marine life and wildlife.  Below are some of the best coastal attraction sites in the UK that you should visit.

Sandy Beaches at Eastbourne, East Sussex

Eastbourne is one of the best beaches on England’s South Coast.  It is easy to access from Brighton or London. There is a wide range of activities for both children and adults. Eastbourne is ideal for a day trip, or a weekend break. Eastbourne is attractive with a wide-open sea with a good view of both sunsets and sunrises. You can view the iconic Victorian pier and some of UK’s best views.  

Eastbourne beach has mainly shingles and sandy areas. The beach stretches for four miles from Sovereign Harbor to Beachy Head. Other iconic views are the iconic bandstand, Wish Tower, Italian gardens, and beach cafes. 

Surfing at Newquay, Cornwall

Newquay is a renowned surf spot. Newquay is the most popular town in Cornwall for summer trip destinations. Newquay has been known for surfing since the 1960s. There are consistent waves that are good for high-level surfing.

The Newquay beach stretch over 7 miles of sandy beaches. The stretch moves from Towan Beach to Porth. The most known beach is the Fistral. It contains beautiful golden sands. Newquay has a blue reef aquarium that displays ocean environments. You get to view exotic species of fish.

Cultural events and sandy beaches at Bournemouth, Dorset

Bournemouth coastline has a spectacular world heritage site. There is more than just sea and sand at Bournemouth, you can go for fossil hunting. There are also great attraction sites with attractive beach huts. 

Apart from the sandy beaches, Bournemouth has a variety of attractive sites like the award-winning gardens. The coastline stretches for over 7 miles with unique places you can visit with your family. The town is home to festivals like the Bournemouth Air Festival that attract over a million people every summer.

Pearl hunting in Cumbria

Pearl hunting is the activity of looking for pearls from wild mollusks in the sea or freshwater. Pearls are unique and valuable gemstones used in the jewelry industry. Pearls are the only gems found in living organisms. They are made of marine oysters and freshwater mussels.

 In the UK, freshwater pearl mussels are in Cumbria and a few other rivers in England, Northern Island, and Wales. As a tourist, pearl diving and pearl hunting are engaging activities and the best part is you can go home with your pearls.

Whitby, North Yorkshire

Whitby is worth visiting for its beautiful scenery. These include; an abbey featuring Dracula, and a beautiful scenic steam railway. The main activities at Whitby are climbing Whitby Abbey and the 199 steps from Church Lane to St. Mary’s Church.

Climbing the 199 steps give you a view of the town and the sea. The climb is simple and not as tiresome as one might think. Climbing the 199 steps is free and there are places you can stop to rest or admire the scenic views.

Road Trip at the Barry Island, South Wales

Barry Island has places for people who like excitement. The pleasure park has a rollercoaster, waltzer, dodgems, and log flume where teens, children, or even adults will be amused by the gun. Barry has a tourist railway that has heritage train rides with diesel or steam engines.

It also has a war museum that gives a unique insight into life during the world wars. Knap lake and Gardens is ideal for a leafy stroll in the sun or a picnic. There are ducks and swans in the lake which is also great for boat lovers. You will also find the best shopping stops in Barry with classy cafes, gift shops, pharmacies, and flower retailers.

From remote Islands to world-class beaches, the UK offers great and peaceful places you can visit. Depending on the activity you would love to engage in, we have listed a few that are ideal for you. Explore the UK with its rich heritage culture!

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