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The school holidays are a time that families around the UK are constantly preparing for and it can be difficult to know exactly how to entertain the young ones.

One way to keep them away from any boredom, is to bring them to various holiday parks around the UK. Luckily, there are a variety to choose from, with a range of toddler-friendly activities.

So, let’s delve into what your toddlers can do this school holiday…


This is a great activity to do whilst your kids are on holiday, allowing them to express their creativity.

Not only is this available at many holiday parks, but it means that you don’t have to worry about your home being splashed with paint!

They can decide to partake in foot painting, or pottery painting, with a variety of different shaped pottery to paint.

Your child can then take their work home as a souvenir to remember all of the fun they had on their holiday and show it to their friends back at school!


If your toddler loves to dance, then this is the activity for them to become a ballet pro!

They can twirl as much as they want, with their very own tutus and wands – being able to take what they’ve learnt home and become the best dancer in the family.

Become a scientist

When your child is on their school holidays, it might be nice to carry on learning in a fun environment, so this is the perfect activity!

At some holiday parks around the UK, they can partake in a science workshop, with many cool experiments to try.

Not only this, but they could even then make their own lava lamp, which they can use when they get home.

Toddler-friendly archery

If your child wants to partake in a new sport this holiday, archery is a great choice and has been made suitable for your toddler.

With mini archery, your young one will be given child-friendly equipment to practice their skills.

Before you know it, they will progress as they grow, until they’re playing higher levels of the game -beating the entire family!

Nature activities

Going away on a school holiday is a great way to become immersed in nature and your toddlers could develop a true love for it.

In some locations there are activities that can help you do just that – one that you could do with the entire family is, caching.

It takes you on an outdoor adventure through a beautiful forest, where you have to navigate letters using a map – then, unjumble them to create a word.

This will definitely keep your little ones minds active (as well as yours) – tiring them out from all of that searching!

But this isn’t it! If your child loves to discover bugs, they can search for these and learn about a new type of creepy crawly whilst away.

What makes these activities even better is that they’re fun, but also serves as a teaching experience – all whilst on holiday!


With so many other activities to keep your toddlers entertained on their next school break – time will fly by once they get stuck in!