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There’s nothing quite like travelling alongside your family and having the opportunity to enjoy quality time together. You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed and create memories you’ll cherish for life. However, deciding on the best spots to visit when travelling with your children can also be quite challenging. You don’t need to travel very far or look for places that are exceedingly expensive to have a special time. But you should prepare beforehand to guarantee nobody will become bored or feel restless away from home. 

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the most spectacular places in the UK that you can visit with your entire family in tow. 


This resort town is situated in the southwest of England, in the South Hams district of Devon. It is one of the best places for those who want to learn how to sail or are experts and have enjoyed the activity for years. All accommodation includes spectacular views of the sea and rolling hills, and some provide visitors with additional amenities such as cinema rooms and alfresco grills. 

There’s also the Overbeck’s Museum and Garden, an Edwardian house and 7-acre garden named after the last private owner who resided in the building. Here, you can see collections of photographs, ship models and stuffed animals, then visit the tea room for a Cornish cream tea and other snacks. 


Another beautiful location by the sea, the civil parish and port of Falmouth is situated in the River Fal, on the southern coast of Cornwall. In 1540, King Henry VIII built Pendennis Castle here to defend the river’s estuary known as Carrick Roads. If you plan a road trip to this location, make sure to prepare some sandwiches and treats in your home kitchen that you can enjoy during the journey. 

You might be able to spot the dolphins around Pendennis Point. The sightings are unpredictable since they can appear and disappear whenever they choose. There are also many beautiful beaches where you can lounge and relax. Gyllyngvase is one of the most important and is popular among those who want to try surfing. 


With such a cosy, welcoming name, you’ll definitely want to visit this Welsh community located in the county of Ceredigion. The small town was created around a Norman castle that was built either during the late 11th or the early 12th century. You can visit Cardigan castle here, dating back to roughly ten centuries ago and listed as a place of Special Historical Interest in Wales. Castle Green House, restored in the 2000s, currently serves as both a museum and luxury accommodation. 

You can try crabbing, an activity most young children will likely find exciting. You can also visit Mwnt in the same region, an ancient parish less than 8 km north of Cardigan. Moylgrove, a village roughly 6.4km from Cardigan, is a good place for sea kayaking, during which you can spot the local grey seals on the cliffs nearby. Bottlenose dolphins frequently visit the area as well. 


Located in the Scottish Highlands, Inverness officially became a city in 2000. It is famous among literature lovers as the place where Shakespeare’s Macbeth lived with his wife. It is also the site where King Duncan’s assassination was first planned and then carried out. While the play presents a largely fictionalised account, there are luckily many beautiful historical landmarks that you can visit. The Gothic Inverness Town House was built in 1882. You can only book a tour to visit on Thursdays between 2 and 3:30 pm. 

You can try several long-distance walking routes, including the John o’Groats Trail, which goes through several footpaths, cliff tops and shorelines. If you’re travelling with children, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are several shops, accommodation spots and restaurants along the way to accompany your walk. If you’re not used to this exercise, you might want to avoid the paths that include fording rivers or more strenuous hiking. 

There’s also Inverness Castle, originally built in 1057. In 1562, Mary, Queen of Scots, took the castle after she was refused entry. The castle was involved in several other sieges and military operations throughout its long history. 

Ulster American Folk Park 

Visiting museums is one of the quintessential cultural activities when visiting a new place. However, they can be rather dull for some of the younger children. Enter open-air museums and exhibits, such as the Ulster American Folk Park, located just outside Omagh, the county town of Tyrone, in Northern Ireland. Visiting this place is a unique experience since you can interact with displays depicting traditional crafts, and guides wearing period-specific attire will assist you. 

You will see the historically accurate depictions of the skills and resources people at the time required, including embroidery, printing, spinning, candle-making and cooking on an open hearth. The museum has two central parts: the Old World and New World. The former includes original households, printing presses, police barracks and two churches among the exhibits. One of the homes is the birthplace and early home of Thomas Mellon, who later became a businessman and founded the Mellon Bank. 

The New World area is linked to the previous one through the Brig Union, a full-size ship replica. There are recreated American streets, a Virginia general store, 1720s stone houses from Pennsylvania, Appalachian log houses and plantation households. 


A cathedral city in North Yorkshire dating back to the Roman period, York is the best place for sightseeing. There’s a statue of Emperor Constantine I sitting on his throne in the Minster Yard. There’s also York Castle, showing the building and rebuilding efforts that occurred over 900 years. Over the years, the castle included prisons, courts of law and several other structures, but today it is open to tourists. In the 20th century, daffodils were planted in remembrance of a massacre at the castle in 1190. 

The Abbey of St Mary is a former Benedictine abbey, currently in a ruined state. What remains from the building dates back to 1294. Take a walk through the High and Low Petergate to admire the views and do some shopping. One of the most intriguing stores is The Cat Gallery, where you can buy gifts and treats for cats but also find something for their owners or cat lovers in general, including feline-themed jewellery, clothing or knick-knacks.  

Travelling with your family means that you must think of activities that appeal to everyone, from the more outdoorsy types, to those who prefer more quiet and relaxing endeavours.