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Do you wonder what things to see in England and how to spend your time joyfully? Are you looking for some unusual places to visit in London? Then, check this article and find some ideas on how to enjoy your stay in misty Albion. 

Unusual Things to Do in England

Traveling is a special kind of art, and it usually brings a lot of fun. Still, most of us are tired of popular tourist attractions and well-known places. Thus, people are in search of unusual things to do while being on a trip.

This article will present some ideas on how to spend time in England joyfully. It will describe the places to go to in England and present some ideas on how to spend your time in London.

Places You Shouldn’t Miss While Visiting England

There are some special places that each tourist needs to visit to feel the uniqueness of England. That’s true that most of them are tourist spots that are popular worldwide. Still, they all worth attention as each person experience diverse feelings visiting them:

Take A Tour To Famous Universities

England is known as a great place to obtain an education as it has great educational institutions. Take your chance and visit Oxford and Cambridge while staying in foggy Albion. There are plenty of tours that let you get acquainted with the story of these universities. They also give an opportunity to explore the picturesque surrounding views.

You will also have a chance to communicate with current students and find out how it feels to be enrolled in one of these institutions. Spoiler: they also have tons of assignments that they need to cope with. Luckily, some writing services can help them overcome the issues and get high-quality papers on time. Such services make students’ lives easier and let them save some money by regularly offering diverse essays discounts.

By the way, it doesn’t matter if you are a current student or have already finished your education. Such tours will be impressive in any case.

Visit The Jurassic Coast

Are you the one who adores amazing views and enjoys nature? Then, take a chance to visit an outstanding place with breathtaking views. Moreover, tourists can go fossil hunting on the protected coastline. Can you imagine that there is a possibility to come across fossils that have been there for a million years!? Amazing opportunity, isn’t it?

Learn The Story of Stonehenge

Do you feel that it is a bit boring to visit such popular tourist attractions? It is probably because you haven’t had a chance to learn the story of this place yet. The best idea is to book a tour and listen to all the legends and myths about Stonehenge.

Fun Things To Do In England

Are you a person who isn’t keen on history and prefers having fun while visiting new places? Then, here are some ideas on how to spend your spare time lightheartedly:

Enjoy Harry Potter Walking Tour

The most favorite attraction of all Potterheads that gives you a chance to immerse yourself into the world of magic and mystery. There are several options, and people can either enjoy free guided tours or become a part of organized groups. Unfortunately, the most popular tour is still closed due to the pandemic.

Take Part In Treasure Hunt

This is an amazing activity that is suitable for families, couples, and groups of friends. All that you need is a charged phone with a UK number and an excellent mood. This entertainment can be compared to an escape room that is held outside. Basically, you will get some tasks and puzzles that you will need to solve by interacting with others and completing some challenges.

Admire The View From The London Eye

Undoubtedly, the London Eye has won the hearts of millions of tourists, and it is impossible not to mention it on the list. It is a bit expensive, but the view is definitely worth it. This ride will give you a chance to experience the city from the above.

Unusual Places To Visit In London

If you visit just London and search for some unusual places, here are some examples for you:

Enjoy Picturesque Views At The Sky Garden

Are you the person who is always looking for breath-taking views? Then, take a look at the Sky Garden. This is an amazing place on one of the tallest buildings in London. The best thing is that the entrance is free of charge. You just need to get a free ticket in advance by making an appointment online.

Take A Look At The House Of Dreams

If you are fond of weird museums and exhibitions, the House of Dreams will be the best choice. It was founded by Stephen Wright and contained a collection of all sorts of diverse forgotten and unloved objects. There you can find old Christmas crackers, broken toys, as well as some religious objects.

Visit The Cartoon Museum

Are you interested in British cartoons or enjoy reading comics? Don’t miss your chance to visit the cartoon museum and learn more about the creativity of cartoon art. The museum has plenty of exhibitions and possesses a huge library of books and comics. All in all, there are a bunch of fun things to do in England. There is no doubt that everyone can find activities of any type. Just pick the ones that are the most suitable for you and enjoy your stay in this beautiful country.