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Spending a great time during the summer days is a dream of every family. In this day and age, there are so many fun activities for everyone in the family to engage everyone.

London is a HUGE city, and you can find it difficult to figure out what to do outside. You don’t have to spend your kids looking bored when you are outside your home. If you are having difficulties with where you should go out with your family in London, here are some amazing ideas for you in this article!

Serpentine Lido

You can get out with your family and spend amazing time in the Serpentine Lido of Hyde Park. The best thing about Serpentine Lido is that it is fit for everyone in the family. There is a specified puddle for kids where they can splash all the water they want. If you know how to swim properly and love spending your time in water, you can take your swimming clothes with you to enjoy your time. Wouldn’t you want to go to the Serpentine Lido in style? Who wouldn’t like the idea of spending quality time swimming in the superb waters? You can click here to hire scooters to go from your home to this amazing place!

Shrek’s Adventure London

Shrek is one of the best movies out there for everyone in the family. The amazing plot of the movie is filled with amazing jokes and a strong plot that keeps everyone hooked. If you and your kids love this movie and want to, you must go to Shrek’s Adventure London. You can meet all the characters in there who will guide you and you will have amazing fun in there with your family! This place allows you to experience the movie in real life with a 4D experience.

Southbank Centre

Most kids love spending their time exploring arts and culture. If your little ones in the family enjoy their time watching arts and dance events, you must visit the Southbank Centre. This place is full of amazing experiences for everyone in the family. There are great dance and art activities in Southbank Centre that are geared towards families. Art workshops allow your family to learn new things to understand how great it is \to understand arts in detail. You can also find shops for buying books, enjoy skating, and have some great foods to eat.


Giving something good to your kids is not difficult if you visit a toyshop. Hamleys is one of the best and oldest places to buy toys for your kids. Once you enter this shop, you can easily understand why it has gotten famous among families. There is so much to buy for your kids in there that you may find it difficult stopping them from buying EVERYTHING! If you think realistically, kids are always looking for toys in their early years. You can buy from old toys to new techy ones if your kids enjoy sci-fi movies. But make sure that you have a realistic budget before visiting this shop!