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Renting a house for your holiday is always a good idea. Whether you are travelling alone, with friends or with your family, renting a holiday cottage allows you to have more space, do your own cooking, and last, but not least, not being disturbed by other holidaymakers. There are plenty of hidden gems through the UK to discover, and you can explore them while experiencing the feeling of being home away from home. But before, you should find your perfect holiday getaway. In this article, we will give you some tips to make sure you find the house for your perfect holiday.

Where do you want to go?

This is of course the most important question. You can opt for a holiday in the UK, or you can choose to go abroad. Take into account that if you choose for this last option, depending on your destination, Apply for your visa you might have to apply for a visa Although nowadays applying for a visa is a simple and quick process, it still needs a certain amount of preparation. Also, for some visas, like the Vietnam visa, you will need to apply well in advance, as it can take up to one week to get your visa.

If you prefer to avoid all the hassle that a trip abroad implies this year, the UK offers you many options for a fantastic holiday. Whether you prefer to spend your time on the coast, on the countryside or in the mountains, there is a long list of fantastic destinations where you can find beautiful houses to rent. From Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands or Devon, you will find cottages and homes available covering a wide range of budgets and styles, from luxury properties to cosy rural retreats or stylish holiday homes for a romantic escape.

Start your search in time

Planning ahead is key. If you book your holiday accommodation in advance, you will avoid a lot of stress and money. If you wait until the last minute it will be much more difficult to find something good, and the prices will be certainly higher, as holiday rentals usually book up extremely fast. 

Know your priorities

Before renting your holiday house, you should make a list of the things that are really a priority for you. For example, do you want a garden so that you can enjoy the weather outside, or a large kitchen so that you can cook for your friends? Do you need a house with internet connection, or do you prefer to be cut off from the world?  Everything is possible, but if you know what you want, it will be easier to find the perfect match.

Pay attention to detail

Once you know what you are looking for, the search can begin. If you want the perfect accommodation, don’t just look at the pictures. Read the description of the house carefully, as well as all the reviews. Then you will have a complete picture of the cottage, and you will know with more certainty if you want to rent it. Are there any special policies that the owner of the property may have? Sometimes they might have specific rules regarding pets, noise or cleaning, for instance. 

Read the rental contract well.

You should not overlook the importance of this document, as it specifies your liability in case of damages or need for extra cleaning. Make sure that it is clear who has to pay for all the costs involved, from air conditioning, to heating or the internet fee. 

Be prepared for your trip

Regardless of where you rent a house or where you go on holiday, it is always important to be well-prepared so that there are no bad surprises once you are there. Booking your trip and holiday home is the first step, but make sure you have the right travel documents and know exactly how to get to the house. Fortunately, travelling within the UK is very accessible and there are plenty of beautiful cottages to rent all across the country.  If you are considering a further trip outside of Europe, be aware that Apply for your Vietnam visa you may need to apply for a travel authorization such as the Vietnam visa</a>, in which case you will need to spend time arranging your paperwork.