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London is a romantic city all year round. From classy spots to a fun place, you can have many awesome dates in London. In this beautiful city, you won’t have to struggle for ideas for a romantic date with that special someone. After all, this is the very city where the famous romantic Victorian era was in full swing. From the language of flowers to love letters, love seems to be in the air in this city.

Going for a romantic getaway

My fiancé and I love to travel about. While we’ve been to some obvious romantic places like Paris or Venice and even Bali but we had a really special time in London. Normally, we love to travel on a budget, focusing on the experience rather than the luxury. While we did book the cheapeast flights for London, we didn’t stick to a strict budget. That touch of luxury, the lovely weather and the 19th-century architecture made our trip simply perfect.

Little Venice

Basically, a serene stretch in Grand Canal in north-west London that is quite a popular spot among lovers. It’s a bit far from the bustle of the city giving it a more peaceful atmosphere. The calm water and the colourful houseboats gently bobbing is a delight. There’s also a nice waterside café here. Simply go for a stroll here and if you like a particular spot, you can hang around here. I personally found a great place to simply relax and talk to my fiancé. The coffee and snack afterwards added extra points to our sweet date.

Helicopter Tour

If you two lovebirds happen to be adventurous and think that relationships get stronger with thrilling activities then go for this awesome tour. It can be a bit pricey but worth the price. Besides, what can be more romantic than to be up in the air with your special someone? Glide around the city’s skyline and marvel at all the iconic landmarks. It also gives you a new perspective of the city and if the weather is nice, then all the better. Check online and book your tickets in advance and feel the love in the air.

Big Ben

One of the most iconic places to visit here as it is synonymous with everything even remotely related to London. Whether you visit here on its own or finish off a nice afternoon by enjoying the beautiful sunset with Big Ben in the view as well, it’s a very romantic sight. Reminiscent of the bygone Victorian era, when people expressed their feelings through flowers and classy poems, it’s like a monument of love in a way. You can either catch sight of it from a distance or cross the bridge and find a nice spot close to it.

Cruise on River Thames

River Thames is like the backbone of London and worth a tour. What better way is there to go sightseeing as well as enjoy a romantic date? Going on this cruise is also known as one of the most romantic things a couple can do at night. Start your evening with a nice welcome and a complimentary glass of champagne. After that, enjoy a lavish three-course meal, live jazz music and spectacular views of the city twinkling in the night. However, I suggest that you book in advance so you have the best experience. Floating on the calm water as the city life lazes by you is sure to impress your lover.

St Paul’s Cathedral’s Whispering Gallery

Whispering sweet nothings is a cute thing almost all couples do. But why not visit this unique as well as historic place where the cool acoustics make the experience so much better. The gallery is located beneath a dome which allows sound to travel along the circular wall. As long as you listen along the wall you can hear each other. It can be a fun activity, like a romantic version of the game Chinese whisper. Be careful of eavesdropper though lest you end up embarrassed or worse, misguiding someone else!

Hyde Park

There is simply too much to do in the most popular park in London. Famous among families and couples alike, there are many activities one can take part in. if the weather is nice, simply strolling about is a lot of fun here. I found the beautiful and fragrant rose garden especially romantic because not only is it a lovely place to stroll around hand-in-hand with your loved one, but because a red rose is a symbol of love! There are many fountains and memorials here as well.
One thing my fiancé and I enjoyed the most was renting a paddle boat and riding around Serpentine Boating Lake. The place is usually occupied with cheery family or other lovebirds. Like I say, a couple that paddles in sync are sure to stick together. Have a nice picnic in the lovely parka and paddle away on the lake for a fun and healthy date.

South Bank

Perfect for your first date or outing in London because this place has a little bit of everything. From ample opportunities of people watching to fun attractions, you’ll be happy to spend your time here. It’s also home to the iconic London-Eye that gives you awesome panoramic views of the city’s skyline. It’s also the first thing most tourists do here so make sure you book advance tickets. There’s also a lovely aquarium, Sea Life London Aquarium, where you can find 5 different species of sharks along with many more sea creatures. If you get a VIP ticket you can also get to feed the sharks. While this one is more popular with kids, I find childish things to be really cutesy fun with a loved one.

Other than that, you can dine in at lovely restaurants and café here and check out charming shops scattered about. There’s also the National Theatre which has been producing awesome classics for the past 40 years. It’s a significant spot in the arts and culture scene. Or you can simply roam around here and enjoy the lively environment. With the love of your life, everything is fun!