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The Midlands, a beautiful and often overlooked area of England, offers plenty of attractions for everyone to explore. Here, you will find the birthplace of Shakespeare, gorgeous cathedrals, and beautiful gardens that are as wonderful to look as they are to explore. To make sure you will not miss out on any of the great stuff on your days out around the Midlands, we have put together this list of the best places to explore in the region.

  1. Bakewell Old House Museum 

Set in the heart of the Peak District, the Bakewell Old House Museum is an enchanting museum featuring a beautiful Tudor house with spacious rooms and cosy fireplaces. After almost five hundred years of use, the house was rescued from demolition during the 1950s. Nowadays, the museum houses a wide range of artefacts that tell the story of the Peak District. 

There’s so much to see for both adults and kids in the Bakewell Old House. Kids can time travel to the past and wear fun costumes. Adults can explore the varied collections of artefacts, from ceremonial swords to ceramics and textiles.

  1. Visit the Coton Manor 

Built in 1925, the Coton Manor is a beautiful 17th-century manor house made of Northamptonshire stone. The house is surrounded by a gorgeous 10-acre garden with lush borders that occupies a hillside. There’s also a magical 5-acre bluebell wood and wildflower meadow within the property.

Aside from exploring the garden, visitors can enjoy sumptuous meals from the Stableyard Cafe, which serves homemade lunches and teas. With more than a thousand varieties of flowers and plants, most of which are unique and propagated from the garden, the Coton Manor is a must-visit for both adults and kids. 

  1. Birmingham Botanical Gardens 

The Birmingham Botanical Garden offers some respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. There’s plenty to explore in this 15-acre garden, which includes a National Bonsai Collection, glasshouses, aviaries, and an outdoor play area for kids.

Inside the glasshouses is an interesting collection of exotic plants that you won’t find anywhere else. The glasshouses have child-friendly signage that provides information about the plants, which is very informational, especially for the kids. Aside from the glasshouses, the other attractions in this botanical garden are the white-domed aviary, spacious play area, and a fishpond.

  1. Hereford Cathedral 

The Hereford Cathedral is another interesting attraction to check out on your days out around the Midlands. Home to a community that has worshipped together for more than a thousand years, the cathedral is one of the finest examples of architectural excellence dating back from the Norman times.

Aside from exploring the cathedral and learning about its history from the local guides, visitors can also witness a range of concerts happening throughout the year. The Mappa Mundi & Chained Library Exhibition is also a popular attraction to check out.

  1. Take a Coach Day Trip 

One of the most exciting activities to do on your days out in the Midlands is to go for a coach day trip from Birmingham. There are many tours to choose from, depending on where you will come from. You can choose an all-inclusive package that already includes your travel via a coach, hotel, and some excursions. The itineraries usually include guided tours of cities and towns and a visit to museums and some other attractions within the Midlands.