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Surrounded by scenic mountains, lush forests, and majestic castles, the Highlands are, no doubt, the perfect destination for great days out in Scotland. The Highlands consist mainly of the north-western part of Scotland. Although it’s a massive land area, the region is sparsely populated. It’s mainly rural, rugged, and features interesting biodiversity. This scenic region is perfect for families who are looking for an escape from the everyday chaos of city life. Here are our top great days out in Highlands.

1. See a Castle

Aside from its mind-blowing landscapes, the Scottish Highlands are also a mixture of culture and history. It’s home to some majestic castles that overlook the gorgeous view of the sea. Some of the best ones are the Armadale Castle and Eilean Donan Castle. Surrounded by historic gardens and woodland trails, the Armadale Castle is definitely fun to explore. Meanwhile, the Eilean Donan Castle is strategically located at an island where three sea lochs meet. The castle overlooks the Isle of the Skye and is definitely one of the most picturesque views you’ll find in the Highlands.

2. Go Skiing

The Highland’s mountain resorts can make for a great fun day out for families who love adventure. Surrounded by the gorgeous views of Aberdeenshire, the ski resorts of the Scottish Highlands offer some of the best views in the world. You’ll find the best ski resorts in the towns of Aviemore and Glenshee. You can get a taxi transfer from Inverness Airport to Aviemore and Glenshee, making your trip easier to organise. The area holds snow well all throughout the season and caters to skiers of different levels.

3. Explore the Wildlife

Scotland is home to a wide variety of amazing and wonderful wildlife, especially in the Highlands. From the majestic sea eagle to the playful reindeer, there’s definitely a wealth of wildlife that you can discover in Scotland. Take your kids to the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre where they can get close to the reindeer and get a chance to feed them. The Highland Wildlife Park is also a must-visit. This 105-hectare safari park and zoo is home to both native Scottish wildlife and some rare animals from around the world.

4. Hike up the Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis attracts climbers from different parts of the world each year and that is for a good reason. It’s the highest mountain in the UK and one of Scotland’s true outdoor treasures. Depending on your climbing skills, it will roughly take 9 hours to go up and down Ben Nevis. In order to get the most out of your climb, it is best to start early. You can have lunch along the way and be back before dinner. Of course, camping is a whole lot of fun too. There are plenty of campsites at the foot of the mountain where you can pitch your tent and stay for a day or two.

5. Sight See in Inverness

Featuring a combination of culture, history, and beautiful landscapes, sightseeing in Inverness is a great activity that the entire family will surely love. You can go visit the Clava Cairns, an ancient burial mounds built 4,000 years ago. Don’t forget to check out the historic buildings at Church Street and drop by at the shopping area along River Ness.