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Throughout Britain, you will find stunning natural wonders. But can you enjoy nature without spoiling it? Yes, definitely! Below is a list of exciting sustainable getaways you can experience with your family throughout the UK.  You will be surprised at how fun and fulfilling an ethical and eco-friendly day out can be. 

  1. London – Treasure Trails

Ignite your imagination while discovering the most charming sights in London in a Treasure Trail.  Unlock mind-boggling clues to unravel a mystery, capture crooks, hunt down spies, or find a hidden treasure.  You can personalize your adventure based on three themes: Murder Mystery Trails, Treasure Hunt Trails, and Spy Mission Trails. 

With over 1,200 routes across the UK, this captivating challenge will take you through winding alleys and secret corners of London, across hidden gardens and lush parks.  More importantly, this uniquely engaging activity will teach your family to put your heads together. Talk about teamwork!

2. Devon – The Donkey Sanctuary

It started in 1969 when Elizabeth Svendsen bought a donkey named Naughty Face. Bothered by the condition of donkeys crammed into a tiny pen at a market, Svendsen envisioned a haven where donkeys live free from suffering.

Since its creation, the Donkey Sanctuary has rescued and cared for over 14,500 donkeys and mules worldwide. It features numerous activities for families to enjoy, from grooming donkeys to mucking out stables to meeting various herds to overnight camping to training to be a veterinarian at a state-of-the-art equine hospital. You can also explore the scenic farm trails, the farm-themed play area, the Exhibition Barn and Dr. Svendsen’s Hut.

3. Pembrokeshire – Manor Wildlife Park

Spanning over 52 acres, the Manor Wildlife Park is every animal lover’s dream destination. As a conversation-led zoo, Manor Wildlife Park strives to replicate their animals’ natural habitat. Get to know the stars of the zoo, Jaya and Terima, two critically endangered Sumatran tigers. Meet the park’s Southern white rhinos, one of which is Zamba, the first to be bred from artificial insemination in Britain.

While in Manor Wildlife Park, enjoy the company of friendly lemurs, including Scarlet, a red-ruffed lemur whose species is gravely endangered.  Roam with goats, sheep, and chickens in the African Village, then watch the once caged Steve the Gibbon swing amongst trees with his mate Lisa and their son Bryn. For the ethical conscious there are lots of fantastic sustainable accomodation in the UK but especially in Wales and around Pembrokeshire.

4. Yorkshire – Hike the Three Peaks

Comprised of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside, and Ingleborough, the Three Peaks is one of the most formidable climbs in the Yorkshire Dales. The mountains form a triangle that encloses parts of the valley of the River Ribble, creating scenic views that make up for the challenging ascent. The hike features a 25-mile circular route that may take 12 hours to complete. 

During your hike, you will pass by the Hull Pot, a collapsed cavern that turns into a dramatic waterfall after heavy rain.  Take a quick detour to see the stunning limestone ravine of Ling Gill, a rare example of upland ash woodland. If you’re not much of a hiker, try a less complicated challenge or tackle just one peak at a time.  Whatever activity you choose, exploring the Three Peaks is a fabulous family adventure that brings you closer to nature.

5. Cornwall – Cornwall Clay Trails

Abundant farmlands, prolific wildlife, ancient structures, rustic fishing towns, and historic mining villages – these are just a few of the stunning views you will find on an excursion of the Cornwall Clay Trails.  Add in a fascinating peek into the China clay industry of Cornwall, and you will have the essentials of a perfect day out.

The trip features nine trails that you can explore by walking, cycling or horse riding.  What sets these trails apart from others is the diverse flora and fauna that you will discover along the way. Spot bright native wildflowers and vivid yellow gorse along sunken paths, then look out for buzzards, kestrels, and hawks. If you get the chance, drop by the award-winning Lost Gardens of Heligan for an unforgettable taste of history, mystery, and romance.