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There are lots of fun things to do with the kids in Edinburgh. In fact, it’s one of the most kid-friendly cities in Scotland and in Europe. Here, you can take your little ones to visit a real castle, discover wild animals at the zoo, learn about history at the war museum, or explore a spooky dungeon. What kid would not find these activities interesting? So, if you’re going to Edinburgh with the kids, here are the five best things to do. 

  1. Edinburgh Zoo  

Home to the only giant pandas and koalas in the United Kingdom, the Edinburgh Zoo is a fun place to visit, not only for the kids but for the adults too. Set in an 82-acre of parkland, the zoo houses more than a thousand rare and endangered animals, which makes it a great destination for a day out with kids in Edinburgh. What’s great about the Edinburgh zoo is that the animals are well looked after, and are kept in a spacious enclosure, giving them lots of open spaces to roam around. The zoo is easily accessible, and you will find lots of Edinburgh accommodation options nearby, in case you decide to base yourself in the area. 

  1. National War Museum  

If you’re heading to Edinburgh Castle, drop by the National War Museum. As the first war museum in Britain, this war museum showcases the many years of conflict that Scotland has suffered for over 400 years. Here, your kids will learn more about the country’s history and come across interesting collections of armours, weaponry, and other historical items collected from various periods. It also showcases the traditional Scottish clothing worn during the war, and some personal items owned by the soldiers, including letters sent from the battleground. 

  1. Edinburgh Festival 

Dubbed the Festival City, Edinburgh hosts several festivals, especially during the month of August. It is during this month when the city gets very busy, with thousands of visitors coming from all over the world. The myriad of festivals caters to visitors from all walks of life. There’s the Edinburgh Art Festival, which kick-offs in late July and runs through the end of August, and the Edinburgh International Festival, which is a celebration of traditional performing arts, such as theatre, opera music and dance shows. The other festivals taking place in Edinburgh are the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh International Book Festival, and many more! 

  1. Edinburgh Castle   

The most popular activity for kids in Edinburgh is to visit a castle. Dominating the Edinburgh skyline, Edinburgh Castle is Scotland’s most popular tourist attraction. The castle is fun to explore with the kids. Its location from the top of an ancient volcano means you will be treated to the sweeping views of Scotland. Aside from exploring the castle itself, check out the magnificent displays of the Scottish Crown Jewels, weapons, and armoury at the Great Hall. The Mons Meg, a medieval cannon that’s believed to be one of the biggest in the world, is also a must see! 

  1. Edinburgh Dungeon  

If your kids want to experience a different kind of adventure, take them to the Edinburgh Dungeon, one of the coolest places to visit in Edinburgh. Join the 70-min interactive walking tour, which is a fun way to learn about the spooky but fascinating history of the dungeon. It includes full-on immersive sets, thrilling rides, live actor performances, and special effects, that will surely leave both adult and kids entertained. Unfortunately, the tour is not suitable for kids below eight.