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The UK is among the most beautiful places in Europe and the whole world. By a beautiful place, we don’t mean that scenery or greenery or rivers is flowing, but the place is extremely elegant with stunning architectural designs and extraordinary buildings.

If you are a photographer and you are looking for a place where you could suffice the need you’re feeling to photograph some of the best places and views, then you must visit the UK- rest assured as you leave the country, you will have a piece of it with you, always!

Read below to find some of the must-see places in the UK, especially if you are a photographer:

1. Stonehenge

If you have a knack for history and often feel the need to explore like an archeologist, you must visit Stonehenge. Stonehenge has been one of the ancient hit sites in Europe, and nothing can ever beat the excitement of seeing the grand stone circle closely. All its wonder surrounds it by the idyllic countryside. It is yet not entirely understood what the design was meant for, further contributing to this world-famous site’s mysteriousness.

2. Warwick Castle

If you wish to closely look and capture how the castles are, then this is your chance. Built by William the Conqueror in 1068, this impressive medieval castle is one of the country’s finest. Its incredible history is brought to life with interactive attractions, mazes, terrifying dungeon tours, and spectacular birds of prey displays.

3. York Minster

This grand cathedral has become one of the greatest of its kind in northern Europe, in York’s magnificent city. You will be able to have a guided “hidden” walk, where you can get to see the areas normally inaccessible to the public, then climb the central tower into the Yorkshire countryside for unparalleled sights from the rooftops and beyond. If you wish to capture the city from a top view, this is the perfect area.

4. Roman Baths

You will discover the Roman Baths, the remarkably well-preserved ruins of one of the largest holy spas of the medieval period, in the heart of the luxurious city of Bath. The baths are now on the site of the city’s thermal springs and flood with natural hot water as a consequence. You will not have to worry about packing your swimwear, though the water’s consistency is not perfect, so you can’t swim or dive, but it is a sight worth seeing.

5. White Scar Cave

Up and down the country, there are different show caves, generally in hillier regions, and many live in the Yorkshire Dales. However, White Scar is probably the largest and most spectacular. In all, it stretches 6 km (3.7mi), and the 900m-long Battlefield Cavern, one of the biggest recorded cave chambers in the UK, is the segment open to tourists.

Once you capture all these amazing artsy pictures, it is best to create a photo book so you can always cherish these photographs and don’t become prey to digital times where all these memories can be lost just by a wrong click.