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Spring is here, with brighter days and nights; everyone is planning their yearly holidays.  Of course, taking a flight to a Caribbean Island sounds like exactly what everyone needs. Still, it is not always possible, so there are UK camping holidays and staycations as an alternative.  

The UK has come a long way since staycations began, but the thing that got everyone spending time away from home together was camping. It is a wonderful reason to get in the car and explore the country on the doorstep for UK residents. 

In this guide, we will concentrate on UK Camping and the best areas of interest so you can plan your next holiday with everything you need to know in one place. 

Camping Areas of Interest

There are so many wonderful UK campsites offering the most beautiful settings and forest surroundings. It just takes a little bit of homework and thinking outside the box to find somewhere you will make the best memories.  Some of our favourites are listed below: 

  • Walking the Cotswolds 
  • Trekking Jurassic Coast 
  • Lake District Adventure 
  • Wanderlust in Lincolnshire 

It is amazing how much we have on our doorsteps within driving distance.  If you are looking for a campsite in a particular area, we would recommend using Camping Sites Finder. An online website that gives you so much information and much more in-depth details about the best campsites. 

The website includes areas to visit and the latest camping information and news so you can keep up with everything in the camping world.  Visit them at

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Of course, when planning a camping trip, you should never take for granted how much time and planning goes into it. So, leaving things to the last minute can be an issue when embarking on your trip.  Below are some of the common mistakes made and things to plan and look out for. 

Not securing a booking at your chosen campsite – It is best to always book and secure your campsite spot as far ahead of time as possible. Popular campsites can fill up very quickly, sometimes up to a year in advance. 

Not preparing for all weather conditions – So you are heading to a campsite in summer and think that it is going to be glorious weather? Never take the weather in the UK for granted.  Always plan for every possible weather event to avoid ruining your trip. 

Never ignore campsite rules – There are many etiquette rules, which include noise disturbance, waste disposal, and space boundaries.  It is also important to respect your fellow campers and adhere to all campsite rules.  It is important to check camp rules ahead of time.

Not planning for days out ahead of time – It is always good to research the area that you are visiting for days out in the area, particularly if you haven’t visited before. Great Days Out UK showcases a variety of activities across the country, so you will never be short for things to do.