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It’s not that easy to organize a family day out. But if you’re looking for a place to take your family out in the UK, Wales is the best place to be. In Wales, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. You can explore the Pembroke Castle, enjoy a round of golf in South Wales, or perhaps, spend a day at the Spaceguard Centre. To help you in planning for a perfect family day out in Wales, check these out.

  1. Visit Pembroke Castle

Pembrokeshire has some great places for family days out. When heading to this beautiful town, visiting the Pembroke Castle should be on top of your itinerary. Your kids will surely have fun exploring this stunning medieval castle that was built in 1093.

If your little ones would prefer to go on a hike and be close to nature, take them to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The park has more than 200 circular walks that cater to hikers of all levels.

2. Climb Mount Snowdon

For the more adventurous families, climbing Mount Snowdon would be perfect. At a height of 1,085 metres, Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales.

There are different routes that you can take if you want to climb Snowdon’s mighty peak. While it’s possible to take the kids with you, the route to take will depend on your child’s hiking abilities. Some routes are challenging and could take up to eight hours and more. Therefore, plan your excursion well and make sure that you and your kids are capable of conquering this adventurous feat.

3. Golf Fun in South Wales   

If you’re a golfer looking to go on a holiday with your family, then a Welsh golfing holiday would be ideal. There are more than a hundred golf courses in Wales but the best ones are in South Wales.

You’ll find plenty of golf courses in the region that caters to families and all kinds of golfers. Some of the best ones are the Pennard Golf Club and the Royal Porthcawl Golf Club, which the late Tom Scott considered as one of the finest golf courses in the world.

4. Head to the Beach in Anglesey 

Anglesey is a beautiful island in Wales famous for its stunning beaches. If you’re thinking of taking your family for a beach outing, this island is worth considering. Aside from frolicking at the beaches, you’ll also have a great time exploring the Island’s picturesque towns and villages. There are also scenic trails and cycle paths for those who want to go trekking or cycling.    

5. Discover the Spaceguard Centre  

Get your kids excited about Science by taking them to the Spaceguard Centre. This is an astronomical observatory located just above Knighton at the borders of Powys. Set on top of a hill, the observatory offers visitors a chance to learn about asteroids, comets, and all aspects of astronomy. Make sure you join one of the very informative guided tours. Visiting the observatory is an activity that both adults and kids will surely love.