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Traveling as a family unit can be pretty stressful, especially if you have younger kids with you. They are sometimes unpredictable, so parents have to make quick changes on the spot. Luckily, your next family vacation can be more fun with just a little bit of planning.

If you are thinking about a new family adventure, here are some of our favourite tips that will make the trip enjoyable for everyone.

1.  Find the best Accommodation

The accommodation can make or break your vacation. Therefore, do your research thoroughly. Pick a hotel or a rental that suits you and your family well. If you are traveling with kids, make sure that they have plenty of activities available in or around the accommodation itself. Some hotels already offer various activities for their younger guests. Family-friendly places usually have a discount for a second room.

Location is the key, especially if you want to explore the area. Try to find a place that is not too remote. Have at least a couple of restaurants and shops within walking distance. There will be no need to spend a lot of time driving around and wasting precious time. Relaxation with your family should be a priority.

2.  Activities for your whole Family

Plan a list of activities before you embark on the journey with your family. It is easy to discover various things to do on the internet. So, search for engaging classes or picturesque tours that will be interesting to everyone. If you are traveling with teenagers, ask them what they want to do. Allow your kids to create their schedules.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, like taking a cooking class or hiking in nature. You can also leave the youngsters at a playground while the grown-ups visit a local museum or go wine tasting. Then go sightseeing together, or have lunch at one of the local restaurants. By planning everything, you will never run out of fun things to do. Finally, include one free day without any activities on the itinerary. Everyone can do whatever they want.

3.  Careful with the Screen time

Your kids probably love smartphones and tablets but limit their screen time during the vacation. Many parents keep kids calm and quiet by letting them use the latest gadgets for entertainment. However, make sure everyone is living in the moment. Don’t forget about online safety as well, since you will be using public Wi-Fi networks while traveling.

These might not be secure, so make sure you have a software tool such as a VPN installed on all devices. It will prevent data theft and security breaches by making your connection completely anonymous.

4.  No Routines

A family vacation is a perfect time to drop your usual routines and go with the flow. The rest of your family should do the same. Do your kids have a set bedtime? They will be thankful for staying up thirty extra minutes watching movies or playing games. Are they not allowed to eat too many sweets? Allow your kids to eat the food they want, and then get back to their usual diet once you get back home.

Give your youngsters a camera so they can take random snapshots. These photos will be different because you will see the trip from a whole new perspective. Make your kids feel independent by giving them some pocket money. Tell them to buy whatever they like, whether it is a souvenir or something else. It will remind them of the place you visited and become their favorite souvenir because they picked it out themselves.

5.  Travel Insurance

And finally, having travel insurance will lower the stress levels. You can’t control everything that happens during your vacation, and getting the insurance will protect you from any financial losses. Before you commit, see what is included in the travel insurance package. These usually cover the basics like lost luggage and cancellations, and then some more.

Remember to save all the receipts you get during your vacation. These will come in handy if something happens and you have to file a claim. In case of an unforeseeable event, be quick and call your insurance house as soon as possible. Travel insurance is not pricey and will make you worry less during your trip.