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One of the best cities you can visit in the UK is Edinburgh. There are plenty of things to see and do, some of which are free. Free attractions alone are reason enough to visit the city, but it is also worth spending some money when here to see everything that you can. This article will go over some things you should do when in Edinburgh for a short time, including how you can afford it. With that in mind, let’s get started.

Walk The Streets

One of the first things you should do when you arrive in Edinburgh is walk the streets. Many historic streets across Edinburgh make it look like you’ve travelled back in time to the medieval era or even feel like you’re in Harry Potter. Victoria Street is said to be the street that inspired Diagon Alley, and you can find a few Harry Potter shops and museums across this street.

One of the most famous streets that you should explore is Circus Lane. This quaint street has an abundance of greenery and flowers, making it a very pretty spot to visit. You will find that just wandering the streets in random directions will give you some of the best experiences of the unique city, letting you discover it all for yourself.

Visit The Castle

You simply cannot talk about Edinburgh without talking about the famous Edinburgh Castle. This castle is filled with history, as it used to be home to many different kings and queens for many centuries. Edinburgh’s oldest building, St Margaret’s Chapel, can be found here. Named after Queen Margaret, who died here in 1093, the chapel was built by her son King David I. You can actually get married at this chapel and host christenings.

The castle is located on Castle Rock, with this spot having been occupied by humans since the Iron Age, meaning that the history here is rich. The castle isn’t just a tourist spot. It is actually still used by the Royal Regiment of Scotland, used as their headquarters.

There are also a few different museums within this castle, as there are so many layers to this historic spot. There are also cafes and restaurants here, so you can spend hours here without feeling like you need to leave.

Shop Around Iconic Stores

Edinburgh is a modern city with traditional vibes. A part of this means that there are plenty of iconic stores around for you to visit. There will be truly unique stores and bigger versions of those you’re familiar with in your hometown.

The main shopping street located in Edinburgh is Princes Street. Here, you will find several major department stores. It’s also worth visiting George Street, which is close by, as it’s less crowded and still has high-end stores. When you’re near these areas, you can explore the other streets and wander down them to find more independent stores offering a range of different things.

You should come to these stores ready to spend money, to maximise the time you’re spending here and get everything you want while you’re here. With that in mind, you should try to come shortly after payday to have enough spending money.

If you can only get the trip sorted for before payday, then it may be worth looking into payday loans that can give you spending money a week or two early. Of course, you will have to pay back this short-term loan, but with payday coming up, you will be fine. You can find out about these and understand how flexible online loans work by contacting expert brokers such as Sunny. You will be able to find out why you might be struggling to get a loan and what steps you may have to take to be eligible. These loans can give you the short-term funds you need to afford your trip before your wages return to pay it off.

Go On City Tours

As with any major capital in the world, there will be a range of busses available to take you around the city to see everything you would want to see. These busses will visit the most famous tourist spots and visit some exciting places that are slightly off the tourist track.

The great thing about this bus is that they are often a ‘hop-on, hop-off’ situation, meaning that you can also use it to help you visit some of these places. For example, you could get on a tour bus and jump off at the castle to get a closer look.

A city tour could also be a walking tour that goes into more detail over a shorter journey, such as the city centre. It’s worth looking into a range of different city tours to find the one that suits your needs.

Go Out To The Highlands

There will be some tours that can go further out too, such as going to the Highlands. You will be able to take a bus that leaves from the city centre in the morning, which then goes out through the highlands for the entire day.

This allows you to visit unique spots and see beautiful locations that have to be seen to be believed. If you don’t fancy going on a bus that lasts the whole day, there will be options that are a shorter time and don’t go as far.

Of course, you could always look to rent a car and drive through the highlands yourself. While you will have to focus more on driving, it will allow you to see the beauty in a schedule that works for you.

Visit Some Museums

As with any major city, there will be a range of different museums you should be checking out. From the National Museum of Scotland to the Royal Yacht Britannia, it’s worth checking out all sorts of different museums. Consider who you are travelling with, as there will be museums more suitable for families, as well as more adult-focused museums.

There are also more interactive museums. For example, you could visit the whisky museum or the chocolate museum, which allows you to see how these products are created and even taste them yourself.

It may be worth dedicating a whole day to visit some museums, as some have plenty of different floors and departments, such as the National Museum of Scotland. This means you have lots to see, and you may not have time to see everything in one day. Think smart, and see the things closer to each other to save you time.

Trek To Arthurs Seat

Many people don’t realise that Edinburgh is home to an ancient volcano, which is the main peak of a group of hills. Most of these hills help form Holyrood Park, which also gives you one of the city’s best views.

This park is only a short walk from the Royal Mile within the city’s heart and boasts over 640 acres of park, right next to Holyrood Palace. The park is open all year, with some car parks having their own schedules.

As this place is located right within the centre of Edinburgh, it is a must-see for anyone visiting this iconic city. Even if you don’t explore the entire park, it’s worth starting your morning here, waking you up the right way, and setting your day up perfectly.