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The UK is packed with idyllic and beautiful sceneries, which is why more and more tourists choose road trips in this area. You have everything from coastal drives to moorland stretches, all of which will leave a lasting memory. If you are planning a trip to the UK, we will help you create a destination plan. 

Routes to Go For

The UK has many routes that you can go for to have a good time. Some are short and quaint; others are longer and more adventurous. Here are the top routes that overlanders and road trip enthusiasts prefer. 

  1. Snake Pass

Snake Pass is quite famous in Derbyshire for its beautiful sceneries and fun roads. There are a few sharp turns and sudden drops on the route that make it seem like a snake, making it a better option for the more adventurous tourists. That being said, the route closes during winter and because of car accidents, which is why you need to keep an eye on road reports.

  1. Lake District

Lake District, also referred to as the Land of the Lakes, makes for a beautiful road trip. It takes you through Coniston, which is a 42-mile road that crosses Eskdale and Duddon Valley. You can expect to see many beauties, natural and man-made, such as the Stanley Force waterfall, Hardknott Roman Fort, and Dale. Plus, as the name suggests, you will see several beautiful lakes.

  1. Snowdonia – Anglesey 

If you want to experience the most out of the Welsh countryside, then you may start your trip from Snowdonia and head west, to Anglesey. There are many beautiful sceneries to enjoy, from stretches of roads and fields to beautiful mountains piercing the sky. There are also many tourist points along the way, such as the Snowdonia National Park or the Penrhyn Castle.

  1. The Scottish North Coast

While there is a lot of evidence saying Scotland could thrive as its own country, it is still a great (and important) part of the northern UK. So if you are going road tripping in the United Kingdom, you should consider visiting the North Coasts of Scotland. Starting with Inverness Castle, you have an 80 km stretch of land where you can see all the beauties of the Scottish highlands. With only a small detour, you can also reach the Highland Wildlife Park.

  1. Causeway Coastal Drive

If you like driving and seeing the ocean right next to you, then you might want to consider going over the Causeway Coastal Drive. This route connects Derry and Belfast, two of Ireland’s biggest cities, and it is an overall gorgeous sight to see. You have everything from coasts to pastures – even some small beaches here and there. There are many other highlights on the route, such as the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and the Dunluce Castle.

  1. Black Mountain Pass

Do you want to go to more isolated areas, where you can see natural sceneries? Then you may choose the Black Mountain Pass. Taking you through South Wales, the stretch of road connects Brynamman and Llangadog, the lands are packed with pastures and gorgeous views all over the place. You can expect quite some memorable moments (and some nice Instagram shots) when you reach the 1,600 ft. peak.

  1. Ben Nevis – Isle of Skye

The Scottish highlands keep on giving, and if you are looking for a slightly more rugged road trip, then you may want to consider going to the Isle of Skye from Ben Nevis. There are many impressive landscapes there that you can enjoy, along with monolithic rocks and idyllic lochs. 

Can You Visit the UK with a Car Rented in another Country?

If you are visiting from another country, you might want to start your journey there and slowly reach the UK and its beauties. This will make for an even better adventure as you can see multiple countries as you’re heading towards the UK. But can you do this? Yes, this is no problem, as you may easily cross with a car – although there are certain conditions. If you are opting for a car rental in Holland, for example, you need to pay a cross-border fee to the rental company. 

The Bottom Line

The United Kingdom has a lot to offer. You just need a good car, a map, a camera, and perhaps someone to enjoy these moments with. Other than that, simply allow yourself to take in every enjoyable minute of your road trip.