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Whether its historical sites or mesmerizing European architecture, The United Kingdom is home to some of the best tourist attractions. If you’re someone that has a passion for history, then the U.K is perhaps the best place for you to visit.  From awe struck historical artifacts to fun and interactive sessions that keep the kids hooked up, here is a roundup of some of the best museums to explore on your next trip to the United Kingdom.


1. Natural History Museum

This museum is one of a kind, and has entertained both locals and tourists since decades. Inside the red brick laden building, there is a large store of historical artifacts, dinosaur skeletons and fossils, a larger than life preserved skeleton of a blue whale and the Darwin center, where you can explore interesting specimens that famous scientists worked on. Bonus Tip: it’s free to get in, so what are you waiting for.

2. Jorvik Viking Centre

A recently built venture after a whopping 4 million euros redevelopment, the JORVIK Viking centre uses real archaeology to tell the story of the Vikings that inhabited the same area in 960 AD. This Centre uses state of the art visual sciences combined with the latest technology to recreate history’s treasures, such as the copper gate evacuation. The museum also features a time capsule ride that is a recreation of the Viking era, featuring real Vikings, same sights, smells and artefacts that take you down a memory lane.

3. British Museum

Even exploring for 1 whole day will only cover half of this spectacular museum in the heart of the United Kingdom. The British museum boasts of some of the best kept historical artefacts that span over a million years’ worth of history including some rare pieces like the Parthenon sculptures and Egyptian mummies. Walking on those original wooden flooring gives that rustic feel which makes you want to wander around even more. Most museums in the UK  are built on old buildings with old and original wooden floors. Wooden floors are the go-to flooring option back in the day because they are readily available and the quality could last a lifetime. Prepare yourself for some of the most amazing and breathtaking historical moments that will leave your mind baffled.


4. Science Museum

Do you have kids that are least interested in science and history, yet you are looking for fun ways to instill a passion for learning in them, then the science museum is your best bet. Fun and interactive exhibitions make learning creative and fun while letting your kids understand some basic fundamentals of science in a unique way. The museum features the famous Apollo 10 command capsule and Stephenson’s rocket. The museum also features 3D and 4D space simulators that can make your kids experience how it feels to be blasted in space.