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So you have made your mind and decided to visit London on your next vacation? Congratulations on making such a bold decision. London, the capital city of England, is with no doubt one of the most toured vacation spots in Europe for various reasons, as we will see in this post. Assuming you are visiting London for the very first time, you are probably getting confused when prioritizing on the sights to see and things to do once here. This is a normal thing considering that you can’t exhaust all that this magnificent city has to offer.

Things to Do and See in London, United Kingdom

When you come to London, there are some things you can’t afford to miss and these include.

1. Tower of London

Frankly speaking, nobody would consider your excursion to London, the United Kingdom, a complete one if you dared to leave without witnessing the historical Tower of London. This tower has been standing in central London for more than 900 years and is recognizable for housing expensive crown jewels and holding famous prisoners such as Lady Jane Grey.

Being 900+ years old, the tower has been used for several purposes by generations. For instance;

– Amid the early nineteenth century, the tower was used as the official housing of the royal mint

– It has been used as a record office

– It has been used as an armory & barrack for troops

– It served as a royal residence until the late 17th century

– It also used to do as a menagerie up to 1835

When visiting this historic tower, make sure that you have a pen and notebook with you – you will learn a lot of history here and you’d never want to forget. If you like, you can as well bring a camera.

2. Borough Market

Borough Market is scheduled from Thursday to Saturday. You can have fun shopping around as you interact with the locals. Every person you come across in the market is very welcoming and will make you feel like you are in your hometown. You can go shopping for useful stuff such as organic produce, burgers, pastries, etc. One thing you will admire about the Borough Market is the generosity of sellers – they will readily hand out tasters to be confident that you are purchasing the right stuff. The market is regarded as one of the top places where your visitors (and locals) can stock up their vitamin C.

3. Attend Major Sporting Events

Would you love to witness some world-class sporting events while on your vacation in London? Being the biggest city in the United Kingdom, you can be confident that London won’t frustrate sports lovers. There are very many world-class stadiums here where you can go in your free time and witness the things you’ve seen on TV. For instance, take a trip to Emirates Stadium and catch the EPL crush live! If you are a football fan, you will have more to explore in London than you can exhaust.

Likewise, you can go to the likes of Twickenham to cheer your favourite rugby team, Wimbledon, to watch live law tennis, or Lords to have fun watching cricket.

4. Hyde Park

If you feel overwhelmed while touring London city, why don’t you consider taking a break to bike or meander through Hyde Park? This is a 350+ acre-Royal-Park situated in Kensington. If you are lucky to come amid the springtime, you will witness flowers in bloom, and if you visit amid autumn, you will enjoy all the colors change.

Besides, you will have fun feeding ducks as you enjoy your lunch, watch kids as well as adults playing soccer (you can also join and play).

In the middle of the Hyde Park you encounter, the Serpentine Art Gallery – go there and find out all it has to offer.

5. St Cathedral

Whether you are a member of the Catholic Church or not, it would be gratifying if you created some time to see the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral. It has been standing in its current position since 604 AD; however, it was reconstructed to cover the destruction that had resulted from the London city fire. A lot of events have taken place inside this gorgeous building. For instance, it was where;

– Prince Charles wedded Princess Diana

– The burial of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher took place and

– The celebrations World War 1 and World War 2 took place.

If you are a prayerful person, visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral in London would be more than just reward yourself. Simply attend a morning or evening choir service and worship your creator.

6. Enjoy London Delicacies

When in London, you should forget about the delicacies you have enjoyed in your home (especially if you are visiting from overseas). The city is filled with diverse foods and treats, so you will never go hungry while hearing. Don’t be amazed if you find your local delicacies here as well. In the morning, you can enjoy an energetic breakfast consisting of mushroom, tomatoes, sausage, toast, black beans, marmalade, etc. You can as well enjoy chips and fish in London. It doesn’t matter whether you go to sidewalk cafes, high-end restaurants London, or food trucks – you will get whatever the delicacies you need.


If you have read this post keenly, I trust that you now know some of the most popular and yet fascinating places to visit while on your stay in London, United Kingdom. Although there are very many other significant places to go to and things to see while here, the above are the ones you should prioritize with (especially if you are visiting for the first time). Even if you feel like you don’t have too much time to explore all this, you better squeeze yourself. And if you do as such, you will go home wanting to travel to London again and again. For maximum fun, trip experts advise you to bring your family friends and relatives with you.