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London is full of exciting experiences and activities for the whole family. Pleasing teenagers can be tricky, as you have to toe the line between activities that are not too childish but also not too grown up. Fortunately, there are many options in London to satisfy even the moodiest of teens!  

Take A Street Art Tour  

Some teenagers may love going to an art gallery or museum, while others may be less than enthusiastic. A great way to meet in the middle is by taking the kids on a tour of London’s street art. A street art tour is also a great way to combine experiencing London culture with exploring the city itself.   

London’s street art scene has been growing year on year, so there really is no better time to get out and explore than now. Street art tours are a great way to inspire your teenagers in ways that traditional art forms may not appeal to them.   

Hit The Shops  

Perfect for any shopping fanatic teen in your family, London has plenty to offer for any taste and budget. You could try starting with Oxford Street, one of the most well recognized shopping streets in the UK. A bustling road in the center of London, Oxford Street has plenty of options for teens and adults alike. From clothes shops to tech and food you’ll find something to suit everyone on Oxford Street.   

For a quintessentially London experience you could also take your teenagers to Harrods. While buying anything other than the delicious cupcakes or Jelly Beans in the food court will likely be out of your teenagers’ price range, it is a great experience to explore the sprawling, world-famous shop.  

For something a bit different, you could take the kids to Camden Town to explore the unique marketplaces in that area. Home to plenty of hippy, bohemian and vintage shops, this can be perfect for teens who like to express their individuality.   

Music Studio Experience  

A music studio experience is an excellent choice for teenagers that are musically inclined. Taking the family to a London rehearsal studio to give them the experience of practicing and recording just as their favorite band would, could make the ultimate memorable experience.   

Pirate provide studios to groups of up to five or six and is perfect for musicians of any and all abilities. If your kids have never picked up an instrument, this could be a great way to get them interested in trying out the guitar or drums. Pirate will provide all the equipment you need, so all you have to do is show up and select the instruments you want to try.   

Go On A Ghost Tour  

There are plenty of spooky locations to explore in London. From the Tower of London, said to be haunted by a number of different ghosts, to the sites of Jack the Ripper’s crimes, there are plenty of creepy sights to see in London. You could consider purchasing a ghost tour map so that you can explore these sites at your leisure, or you could board a ghost tour bus that will take you to all of the sights while giving you a running commentary of what occurred.   

Take A Trip On The Thames  

There are plenty of boat tours available in London. Whether you’d like a leisurely cruise down the river or something a bit more thrilling, you’ll find the right tour to suit.   

A traditional boat tour is excellent for relaxing and enjoying time together while seeing the gorgeous views of the Thames and the city from the river. You could even splash out on a luxury boat tour, that comes with afternoon tea or a full meal.   

If you’d like something to please the thrill-seekers in your family, you could consider the speed boat tour of the Thames, taking you zipping along the Thames at speeds of up to 40mph. A speed boat tour combines the thrill of a rollercoaster with a unique and exciting location – perfect for adventurous older teens.   

Tour The Stomping Grounds Of Rock Royalty  

Another perfect activity for music-mad teenagers is to explore some of the rock history that London is home to. If your kids are Beatles fans, then Abbey Road is the place to be. You can go on a tour of  Abbey Road Studios and take some Insta-ready photos of the world-famous zebra crossing outside.   

Next, you could head over to Brixton, the birthplace of David Bowie, and on to Trident Studios where Bowie recorded Space Oddity and other groundbreaking hits.   

There are plenty of celebrity roadmaps to be found online to show you many of the famous locations and birthplaces in London. All you need to do is wear comfortable shoes and keep the cameras at the ready!